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Kersthits for zenuwpezen, meerwaardezoekers and sexy feestkonijnen

8cc491bd72dd3327f3ce6e5a413fa434 - Kersthits for zenuwpezen, meerwaardezoekers and sexy feestkonijnen

‘All I want for Christmas is you ” every year on repeat? Then if you belong to the category of sexy feestkonijnen. ‘When the Thames all’? To be a musician. We suggested to the ultimate kerstplaylist together with, for each category, the perfect number.

‘Holly jolly christmas’, Michael Bublé

The teddy bear. The Canadian Bublé is the personification of plastic christmas ball ornaments in a tree full of golden garlands and fake snow. Extreme to be avoided, for whom any sense of sanity to the day.

‘All I want for Christmas is you-Mariah Carey

The sexy feestkonijn. Perfect for those christmas preferably in a negligee celebrates, on a sheepskin in front of the fireplace.

‘The little drummer boy’, Bing Crosby

The nursery. ‘Poropopompopom’ enough to this classic skillfully sing along to. The version of the Thin White Duke , and tv legend Crosby is the most intriguing from the history of the song.

‘Last christmas’, Wham!

The tooghanger. ‘Dance’ on the x-mas song of George nektapijt’ Michael does not ask more than the abilities of the average backing vocalist at Paul Severs. Aka: casual rocking back and forth on a regular basis snapping.

‘Fairytale of New York’, the Pogues & Kristy MacColl

The connoisseur. Know that the number one of the most beautiful christmas carols ever made. Because it is not with you begins.

‘Happy Xmas (War is over)’ by John Lennon

The meerwaardezoeker. Who realizes that the anniversary of the Jesus is actually only peace on earth’ wish.

‘White christmas’, Bing Crosby

The nostalgic. To that in winter weather the track to look at.

“The lonely eater’, Guido Belcanto

The agnostic. For whom the holidays ignore it, and still prefer it strictly in a turkey than a nice to have to do.

‘When the Thames all’, Smith & Burrows

The musician. The Editors-frontman had the balls to be a modern kerstnummer. More of that.

‘Do they know it’s Christmas’, Band Aid 20

The barrel full of good intentions. This year in the 738ste version, with, among others, One Direction, Sinéad O’connor, and – surprise! – Bono in a leading role. The proceeds go to the fight against ebola.

‘Lonely this Christmas’, Mud

The broken heart. The video for this song, you can inflict serious damage.

‘Driving home for Christmas’, Chris Rea

The zenuwpees. The soundtrack for who’s on 24 december at 17.30 in Delhaize rondhost and cranberry sauce to start.

‘Baby it’s cold outside’, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan

The romanticist. We sincerely hope that you are using the version of Astrid Bryan and her donut in the meantime forgotten.

‘8 days of Christmas’, Destiny’s Child

The elastic band. Choose the most danceable song in the history of the christmas music.

‘Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight), The Ramones

The old rocker. The perfect soundtrack for those Christmas in the garage celebrating and with ongekamd her to the wonderful festive table dare sit down.

‘My only wish (this year)’, Britney Spears

The bitch. Also ideal for anyone who wants a navel piercing asked to santa claus.

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