Judge puts North Korea symbolic compensation for death American student

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North Korea must be the family of Otto Warmbier pay compensation of 501 million dollars (439 million euros). That has a Us court decides. Warmbier died in June 2017 to brain damage, after being in North Korea was captured and was probably being tortured.

The parents of the 22-year-old student lay the responsibility for the death of their son completely in North Korea and have a lawsuit against the country started. In their indictment stated the Warmbiers that their son is a ‘barbaric treatment’ had to undergo, and they speak of a ‘wrongful death’. Also, they say that North Korea forced him to a confession of misappropriation and him a year and a half had trapped without contact with his family. They demand ‘pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages”.

‘North Korea is responsible for the torture, the imprisonment and the unlawful killing of Otto Warmbier, and the suffering of his parents, Fred and Cindy Warmbier’, declared judge Beryl Howell on Monday.

Propaganda poster

Warmbier was in January 2016, were arrested by North Korean authorities because he was a propaganda poster would have been stolen. He was a few months later sentenced to 15 years in labour camp, but was in June last year returned to the United States. He was in a comatose state and was a few days later will be dead.

The American government placed North Korea in november 2017 on the list of states that sponsor terror sponsor, making it possible for the lawsuit. The family Warmbier had more than a billion dollars in damages demanded from Pyongyang. The lawyers of the Warmbiers stated that such sum is a strong signal would send to the country that no American citizens are allowed to take hostage.

The American media point out, however, that the condemnation is currently only a symbolic victory, since no mechanism exists that North Korea is the payment can impose.

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