Jani Kazaltzis ready for eleventh season As Man As Woman

6a4b5ccf819045d9a082353ead604490 - Jani Kazaltzis ready for eleventh season As Man As Woman

Jani Kazaltzis from christmas day, Tuesday 25 december, re-rank with the Most ugliest outfits in a new season of So Man So Woman. And this time not only the couples a complete make-over, because the program itself opens in a new twist: the eleventh season moves from FIVE to FOUR. 7 couples are venturing to a thorough restyling of the critical stijlgoeroe and the first pair that modeadvies is a former cyclist and world Champion Niels Albert and his girlfriend Valeska. They switch Jani in for a festive make-over and with family celebrations and receptions in the pipeline a little extra sparkle is no superfluous luxury. How do you as a couple stylish for the day? And what you should definitely not do during Christmas with the family?

Niels is the comedian of the family, and he dresses really love. This year, he wants to be a sneeuwmannenkostuum the evening opfleurenen, but that is not the meaning of Jani, and all of Valeska: “He looks like a cheap not much time for breakfast and I would like a decent boar for Christmas. He depends on all 364 days of the clown, so one day he may be in style shut down (laughs).” And when inspecting the wardrobe of Niels, it soon becomes clear what Valeska mean. His dressing room is totally occupied by his girlfriend, making the world Champion of cyclocross to the shed had to move. It features Jani a glorified carnavalwinkel, and when Jani is also a body fleece, he is completely with his mouth full of teeth …

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