Israeli government time. elections: the lack of support for dienstplichtwet

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Israel will on 9 april 2019 new parliamentary elections. The leaders of the coalition parties have unanimously decided to have the elections earlier. That was announced by the spokesman of Likoed, the party of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to.

The elections in Israel were originally scheduled in november 2019. The decision to ballot, with seven months to bring forward, is a result of the tensions within the right-religious majority.

“It is too difficult to pass laws, to vote. We have new elections needed”, so would Netanyahu according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz declared to the leader of the majority parties. “We want a clear mandate from the voters to Israel continue on our way.’ Last month, said Netanyahu is still that early elections are a mistake.

The decision to use the cord to pull, came after opposition party, Yesh Atid, a new law on conscription would not approve. Also, Yisrael Beiteinu, the party of former Defence minister Avigdor Lieberman, had already made it clear that law is no longer to support it.

Lieberman had in november resigned from the government, out of dissatisfaction with a cease-fire in the Gaza strip. Since then, the government of Netanyahu but a very narrow majority in the Knesset: 61 of the 120 seats.

No major shifts

The dienstplichtwet also want ultra-orthodox jews to impose in the army. They are currently exempt from the conscription.

No Israeli government did in the past thirty years the full term. Netanyahu after the elections, perhaps, a fifth premier to be. Polls predict no big shifts in the composition of the parliament.

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