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Ex-politician Paul: cryptographic solution to the crisis – Coin Hero are currencies

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Ex-politician Paul Cryptocurrencies keeps for a way out of the crisis

Home News Ex-politician Paul holds crypto-currencies for a way out of the crisis

Matthias Nemack –

With Ron Paul, an avowed Fan of the Bitcoin to speak to the current difficult market situation. He is not practicing to the criticism of the FED’s interest rate policy. At the same time, he recommends a tax rethink. Crypto-currencies will play in his scenario, a Central role.

Warning before a massive world economic crisis

The former politician of the Republican party has long been a critic of U.S. financial policy and, in particular, the US Central Bank, the FED, known. Just in time for the holidays, Paul warns of a collapse of the financial markets to an extent which might be with the crisis of 1929 are comparable. In his opinion it could be even worse. In particular, the rising interest rates Ron Paul attests to a significant complicity in the break-ins on the market, where this was the case most recently known for the crypto courses. The development of the crisis in the year 2018 to stop the former (not always undisputed) politicians might have a chance as he can be in recent Interviews.

Paul gets to the end of the Federal Reserve

The crypto-currencies like Ethereum, Ripple and many others to come, is not really surprising. Because Paul is, after initial criticism as a proponent of Bitcoins is known. For this reason, he urges not only the media, the FED’s abolition, after the authority had repeatedly corrected the interest rates upwards.

Precious metals and crypto income should be tax-free

In particular, Ron Paul makes publicly strongly that the state should stop the taxation of digital currencies as soon as possible. The same is true for precious metals, which, in its opinion, similarly, no capital gains tax and other charges should be levied. The “crypto-lovers promises” a stronger inflow of normal investors on Bitcoin and other currencies. The concept may well include problems. However, the setting for the industry is important, because it is precisely the U.S. policy is reflected in the theme, as before, indifferent.

Prominent proponents could break down the reluctance of investors gradually. And it is precisely in periods of falling rates, these are important signals – even if Paul is not as a politician. His voice has many of the citizens still weight.

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