Ex-husband Mel B candid about sex life

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They often made seksfilmpjes with her ex.

There remains Mel B little savings in the process with her ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte. In an interview with Dylan Howard on his podcast All Rise clapped Belafonte from the school about their former sex life. According to him, were the two regular and spicy videos with their phone. This reports Us Weekly.

“If you’re talking about sekstapes…look, we had no professional camera and a lichtsetting in the bedroom and there is nothing mounted, but we have during intimate moments ever, and captured on a phone,” says Belafonte. During their vechtscheiding would Stephen Mel several times warned to keep their personal videos to reveal.

The Spice Girl known for her book Brutally Honest that after their separation post-traumatic stress experienced, which even led to a suicide attempt. The idea that Belafonte their sekstapes would show to the outside world drove her to despair, as she writes in her book.

The reason that Stephen now with this news coming out is because he is trying to make people see what a woman he has been. “There are so many incorrect news reports published, where I am accused of insane behavior. I want to make clear that there are always two sides to a story and that the lies that my ex-wife rondbazuint not true.”

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