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Coinbase CEO: Not surprised by Bitcoin’s rally in December

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Coinbase CEO: Not surprised by Bitcoin’s rally in December

Home News Coinbase CEO: Not surprised by Bitcoin’s rally in December

Marcel Knobloch –

The almost sudden onset of the Bitcoin rally a few days ago, the CEO of Coinbase little amazing. The phenomenon of such a strong rate loss is nothing New. The adaptation and the progress of digital currencies in the industry was more successful than ever.

Asiff Hirji, CEO of America’s largest crypto-exchange, Coinbase describes in CNBCs Fast Money Show that he has never doubted a return of Bitcoin and co. but everything normal and healthy processes and developments. Furthermore, he pointed out that now would be a good way to cheap in the crypto market and to buy (freely translated):

Things are never as good as they seem. They are also not as bad as they seem. And to quote Buffet: “Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy.” I think, for me, it is not surprising that we are driven back a bit.

This year has been marked by innovations and scaling up of debates, and from each lot of new energy and visions for 2019. For it is also a good indicator that the number of Jobs in the field of Blockchain technology is greatly increased. To generate profits which is one side of the coin, however, is translated to the practical application, and the regulatory integration in the global Economy, particularly ausschalg giving (free):

I think that the amount of innovations, the found last year in the crypto-currency, has exceeded in all the years before that, everything. And if you look at the number of engineers, the crypto-currencies, and the number of actual products placed on the market, we have never had so much Innovation as it is today.

Hirji is of the firm Conviction that in the long term, only Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well as some of the other projects are to survive that actually deliver value to the industry and humanity. The next big wave of Innovation is, in his opinion, immediately before (freely translated):

And you should assume that we add over time all the relevant crypto-currencies in so many different geographical regions, as we may add. I think this is the beginning of the next great wave of Innovation in technology, and you should expect that over time, more and more crypto currencies.

Coinbase has set this year, a lot of time, energy and money in the Development of their infrastructure. These include a secure storage function for institutional investors and investors with larger sums of money. Furthermore, it is very important to make sure a permanent liquidity to be any time to act. The complete Interview is there to see here:

Hirji, as well as we are for the next time very confident and wish you all a merry Christmas!

Ho ho Hodl! 🙂

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