Chronicle of a friendship in My Brilliant Friend

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For all Italiëfans and lovers of intense drama has Canvas is a great christmas gift ready: the HBO film version of My Brilliant Friend, the acclaimed novel by Elena Ferrante.

My Brilliant Friend (L’Amica genius – The genius of the girlfriend) is the first of its four “Neapolitan novels” about the lifelong friendship between two Italian women, from their childhood in Naples during the ’50s to 2014. For the tv-adaptation of this wonderful Italian story hit HBO together with the Italian public broadcaster RAI. My Brilliant Friend was recorded in Italian, partly even in the Neapolitan, and is the first non-English HBO production.

The eight-part series My Brilliant Friend follow Elena and Lila from their childhood to their adolescence, their first romantic relationships and sexual experiences. The other three Neapolitan novels are later made into movies.

Elena Greco is a woman of sixty. She lives in a house full of books. One night, she gets a distressing phone call: her friend, Lila Cerullo, who has already all of her life has a close connection has disappeared. She has two month of nothing to make themselves heard. Elena put on her PC and begin to write. She tells the story of her friendship with Lila. That started at an elementary school in a suburb of Naples in the ‘50s. A bustling neighborhood, but a stifling environment for young girls that something wanted to achieve in life.

We will return it in time. Elena is a blond, well-behaved and somewhat shy schoolgirl. Lila is dark, adventurous, and rebellious. Lila takes Elena in tow, and the two are best friends. They inform each other to the test and push along boundaries. As they grow up, they discover how fragile life is for young, intelligent and talented girls in their Neapolitan werkmansbuurt, which is dominated by men, greed, and violence. Even going to school is not easy. What follows is the ‘coming of age’story of Elena and her dear and brilliant friend, but also sometimes her worst enemy.

In addition, we meet with the families of Elena (Greco’s) and Lila (the Cerullo’s), with Camorra boss don Achille Carracci and his family, with the Sarratore, the These programs, the Solara’s and the other families in the Neapolitan neighborhood where the girls live.

The series was at the avant-premiere at the Venice film Festival received a standing ovation. The press and the public were in the clouds about the meticulous adaptation of the story, the fantastic performances of the young actors, the atmosphere and overall ‘production values’. Partly because of the series now compared to that other legendary winning streak La meglio gioventu.

Canvas sends My Brilliant Friend out in the christmas holidays, from Tuesday 25 december, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 22.00.

Check out My Brilliant Friend on Canvas or wherever you are via or Proximus TV app. Click here to download the program. On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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