China is waging war against Christmas on

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The Chinese government would prefer that its citizens have the traditional Chinese culture, propagate, and do not engage in all kinds of Western festivals’. Different cities, schools, and government agencies have inhabitants, therefore, this year banned Christmas.

The local authorities of the northern city of Langfang have all the christmas decorations from shops remove, and the owners banned christmas items to sell. Officially states that the measure should to the ‘stability’ and the illegal street vendors to deter.

In Changsha, in the central province of Hunan, passed the local government schools, on the ‘Western party’ as a Christmas not to celebrate. Henceforth prohibited: christmas decoration hanging, christmas wishes to distribute, and each other presents.

And on the Chinese socialenetwerksite Weibo recalled a teacher from Huangshan his followers to a recent statement of the government, namely that it is forbidden kerstfeestjes to attend or christmas messages to spread via social media. ‘Teachers should be the students knowledge to teach about the traditional Chinese culture and lead to the overseas festivities, such as Christmas, to swear’, posted the teacher on Weibo.

Churchgoers arrested

These are just a few examples of the efforts that the Chinese government in recent years do to the popularity of the christmas party. According to the American news agency AP have the control of at least four Chinese cities this year, the celebration of Christmas even expressly prohibited.

That statement is in keeping with the increasingly hardhandiger action of the Chinese government against all types of christian churches. Last week was the police, for example, at a home bible study group for children in Guangzhou. Earlier in december, a church in Chengdu closed, and hundreds of people arrested. The Chinese government has christianity, although officially recognized, but permits religious activities only in officially approved places.

‘Matter of confidence’

Observers believe that the campaign against christmas is not so much should be seen as an attack on christmas itself. It would be rather an outgrowth of the way in which some local governments deal with the directive of the communist party to the Chinese traditional culture to revalue. That communist party is officially atheist, and the party members in the last few years on the heart pushed to ‘religious affinities’.

“In many other countries is today, but also the Chinese new year is celebrated. We see that party here even as a successful export product, ” writes the popular Chinese commentator Wuyue Sanren. ‘From the same, would we then also not a problem may have to be here in China, Christmas to celebrate. It is a matter of self-confidence. When we have faith in our own culture, we need not be threatened by parties from the West.’

The British newspaper The Guardian also notice that not all Chinese cities, the christmas party have been banned. As are the many shopping centres in the capital, Beijing, as always, from head to toe, draped in christmas decorations. Just like here, Christmas is also a perfect time to go for shopping, and deep discounts to score on clothes, perfumes, make-up, and video games.

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