Brexit dominated British christmas messages

693c8835577b88282ac75dbb5bb2373e - Brexit dominated British christmas messages

The British prime minister Theresa May has in a christmas message in the newspaper Daily Express , all citizens are summoned to unity. She warned them also for a society which is growing. The Queen asks in her speech to her fellow citizens, for in spite of the differences more tolerant.

May calls on the parliament to deal with Europe to approve it, now the gap between the supporters and opponents of the brexit is getting bigger. It is according to the premier important now to focus on the key domestic challenges. She stresses that there is still a lot of work on the shelf. “I know that when the British people come together, there are no limits to what we can accomplish,” writes the prime minister Monday in the Daily Express.

It is time, says May, to the differences to one side, and busy with the things that ‘really matter’. They said that a ‘large majority of the people in this country want politicians to stop quarrelling about the brexit and focus on other urgent matters.


The Queen will be in her kersttoespraak the brexit does not explicitly mention, since she, as head of state neutral to design. However, cut the subject in a more subtle way: she calls the battle over the differences to cease. “Even if the differences are fundamental, the other with respect and as fellow human beings, treating them is a first step towards greater understanding’, says queen Elizabeth II in her speech, that on christmas day full broadcast, it will be.

If everything goes according to plan, leaving the British on march 29, 2019 the EU. The British parliament will be in the week of January 14 to vote on the brexit agreement that May with the EU is agreed upon.

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