Allies in fight against terror, looking perplexed how U.S. withdraws from Syria and Afghanistan

The decision of president Trump to troops from Syria, and possibly also from Afghanistan, surprised his international partners. “An ally must be trustworthy,” says the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

Donald Trump had a nice christmas message for many American families who have a child, a partner or a parent under the weapons. His announcement that the major terrorist organisation Islamic …

Donald Trump had a nice christmas message for many American families who have a child, a partner or a parent under the weapons. His announcement that the major terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) is defeated, that the American boys who have given their lives in Syria risk at home, brings joy to the kerstdis. The intention to also 7.000 American soldiers from Afghanistan to repatriate, brings peace around the christmas tree.

It is a temporary rest, because specialists point out that the departure of a large contingent of American soldiers from two lift of terror in the long term serious consequences might have. As long as the terrorist threat is not entirely gone, it is likely that the terrorists will soon be the strings back in our hands. Then there’s the years of antiterreurbeleid, that security in the cities was to bring, little about, say the specialists.

Not less than two weeks ago warned Brett McGurk that the fight IS not over yet. “It would be reckless if we were to say: now that the caliphate is defeated, we can leave. No one declares a mission accomplished, ” he said.

‘Terreurcellen are just in hiding’

McGurk has a clear vision on the war against terreurorganisaties. The former Us ambassador in Iraq was one of the founders of the surge, the policy of president Bush in 2007 to 30,000 additional soldiers to Iraq sent to the power of the insurgents permanently to break. In 2011, he negotiated, on behalf of president Obama, about the withdrawal of the American troops from Iraq. Two years later, he was one of the first ones who warned against the rise of IS in Iraq and Syria. In 2014 named Obama him to be special envoy for the global coalition against IS, the group of 79 members (74 countries and 5 international organisations, including Nato and the EU) that work together to to combat. He played a key role in.

Last Friday McGurk resigned on 31 december announced. It came shortly after Jim Mattis to his position as minister of Defence had given up. Both seasoned beleidsmannen recognized is not in the policy of the White House. McGurk found it, according to a source in The Washington Post, difficult to meet the American soldiers, who often the death in the eyes, suddenly to say that the U.S. from Syria to leave. He thinks, moreover, like so many other specialists, that the even months would it take before it IS defeated would be, and that in many places in Syria, the terreurcellen are hiding and waiting for the departure of the Americans to a guerrilla war to start.

The decision of McGurk is not unexpected. He had previously announced in march 2019 for a year would go to work at Stanford University. When last Friday it became known that the minister of Defence, Mattis, leaving the ship, McGurk his departure two months early.

Trump the new year starts with a government that has little or no experience on the field of international counter-terrorism measures and its international partners are serious fun. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, whose country is one of the major players in the global coalition against IS, responded this weekend wroth. ‘Allies, shoulder-to-shoulder fight. An ally would be reliable, ” he said Sunday at a press conference in Chad.

Nato is especially active in Afghanistan

At the headquarters of Nato in Brussels is provisionally not officially responded to the surprising announcements from Washington. Nato is primarily active in Afghanistan, where she worked with the Americans are trying islamist terror threat, the head pressing. If the United States effectively to 7,000 soldiers to withdraw from Afghanistan, the Nato allies is a key partner. At the moment, about 16,000 foreign soldiers, among whom there are 8,000 Americans, for the training of the Afghan army.

Also, Americans have a private antiterreuroperatie in Afghanistan, which is separate from the Nato. According to a goedingelichte Nato source came the reports about the possible withdrawal of 7,000 soldiers from Afghanistan as a thunderclap in a clear sky. Up to now in Brussels, so far as known, no one officially informed of the Us plans. But it speaks for itself that those plans have serious consequences for the allies. Because either the capacity of the training mission of the Afghan army is decimated, or the fight against the terrorists on the back burner.

Nato has not yet responded to the change in direction of the Americans. The Dutch Defence minister Ank Bijleveld (CDA) calls it not a good time to get out of Afghanistan to leave. Just at the moment that is tried to the taliban and the Afghan government to the table to get, you have security and stability is needed. The netherlands, like Belgium, just more soldiers to Afghanistan to send the safety to increase. Belgium has not yet responded. The Belgian minister of Foreign Affairs and Defence, Didier Reynders, wants to first consult with the Nato partners.

‘The year is quite chaotic at the end, ” says a Nato diplomat with any sense of understatement.

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