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WB Names: Triumph for Pidcock at promises, compatriot is the best in juniors

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Tom Pidcock Sunday in Took the world cup race cyclo-cross in the promises won. The Brit has performed as a soloist for the victory. The Italian Jakob Dorigoni was second, with world champion Eli Iserbyt knew a lot of bad luck and had to settle with a third place. When the juniors won compatriot Ryan Cortjens.

Start at the promises was marred by a crash in the rear. The toppers were not bothered and took all right from the beginning of the cross the command: Pidcock, Iserbyt, the French Antoine Benoist and Eddy Finé and the Italian Jakob Dorigoni.

After one round, therefore, there were five leaders. In round two showed Pidcock arts. Iserbyt was only the acceleration of the Brit and we got a leidersduo on the Citadel. Bad luck played on the sloping sides, however, are role and an puncture hit Iserbyt back to a fifth place. Benoist moved on to place two, Finé and Dorigoni fought for the third place.

On Pidcock was, meanwhile, no size and he has performed as a soloist to victory with almost three quarters of a minute ahead of the second. Iserbyt had back in the race, fought hard, to spot two, but missed that place just before the last bend to Dorigoni, again a flat tire. The West-Fleming would be the third to finish.

Pidcock, already winner in Tabor and Koksijde, is strengthening its leadership position in the overall standings of the world cup. He now has 220 points, 40 more than the Frenchman Antoine Benoist, fourth in Names. Dorigoni is third with 135 points. Iserbyt, who was not there in Tabor, counts as fourth 131 points.

Cortjens triumphs in the juniors

Ryan Cortjens has the world cup race cyclo-cross for juniors in Names to his name. He has performed as a soloist to the victory for world champion Ben Tullett and Witse Meeussen, that his leadership position in the standings, however, strengthens.

A lot of juniors chose to do Saturday in the Soudal Classics in Sint-Niklaas on to save with a view to the heavy competition in Names. And that turned out to be a good choice, because the wind and rain gave some extra pigment to the cross by the trail alone, particularly difficult.

Ryan Cortjens felt clear in his sas, immediately after the start, he took the initiative. A kanonstart, because after one round had he been a half a minute bonus on four pursuers: Witse Meeussen, the Czech Jan Zatloukal, the Italian Davide Toneatti and the German Tom Lindner.

Meeussen saw it happen and put in the second round of the chase. He immediately got Tullett on his wheel, which was returned after a flat tire. The world champion showed Meeussen quickly behind him and seemed on the way to Cortjens, but the Brit had to full throttle and would peace must take second place to more than a half a minute. Meeussen completed the podium at 1’08”.

It is the fifth victory in a row for Cortjens. Earlier he showed himself the best in Zonhoven, Kraainem, Essen, and Hasselt. A few weeks before he took the Superprestige in Gavere on his name, good for six wins already this season.

Witse Meeusen retains its leadership position in the overall standings of the world cup. He has 215 points, 98 more than the European champion Pim Ronhaar, that in Names not of the party was. Thibau Nys, 17th at the Citadel, is third with 105 points. (belga)

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