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Waasland-Beveren is doing excellent business in the fight against relegation after derbywinst against Lokeren

43587f13aa47baef8ef5083560db54dc - Waasland-Beveren is doing excellent business in the fight against relegation after derbywinst against Lokeren

Waasland-Beveren has for the first time in the history of the fusieploeg for your own audience of streekrivaal Lokeren won. For the first time in five years, nine on nine books Custovic his team to a safe and secure thirteenth place efficient. In Lokeren is going to chairman Roger Lambrecht weather, long nights to meet.

A week after the stuntje against STVV state Lokeren again, and marked the last and looks at a gap of three points compared to the safe zone. With the arrival of Club Brugge in the offing, it is now already look forward or a few wintertransfers Lokeren from the mash can help.

By the mind-boggling profit of Mouscron against Anderlecht was the pressure on the Wase derby is still so high. However, it was not the stress that Lokeren to become fatal, but the evident lack of quality. Of the eleven that STVV had beaten, shot only six players and that turned out to be a little too much of the good. The scope and Cevallos were suspended, Miric, Skulason and Diaby were in the barn. The society was recreated, and the backs had Sollied grabbing for Ben Harush and Ticinovic, since January, never more in the basiself.

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Dramatic Lokeren

Ben Harush, Rassoul and Jovanovic solliciteerden lot to a replacement for the rest and were lucky that the bank no alternatives were. Rassoul launched with two really dramatic passes twice the home team. The first time knew Ampomah – back from suspension – there is only a weak partition to squeeze out. The second time did Verstraete too little with the boulevard to the target and decided he had on The Wolf. Jovanovic should in the first minute all alone on goal but he took aim at the Cabin. Worse was the counter that he and The Knight verprutsten. Three Lokeraars against a player of Waasland-Beveren, you’ll have to play out. Benchaib got the ball, Deschacht was completely crazy and gave Jovanovic a firm scolding. Well, Ben Harush, who failed to Boljevic continuing to prevent. While Rassoul and Marecek were to sleep if Ampomah the 1-0 in the goal crease.

Waasland-Beveren, in the openingsminuut also been an attempt of Verstraete saw next to go, drew courage from the lead. Verstraete took aim first next time. But when Ampomah – again he – started drew, Rassoul to a pole relegated and the sixteen indook, it was at Ticinovic to the error. The penalty kick was by Vellios flawlessly converted: 2-0. Sollied intervened and took Rassoul and then Jovanovic to the side for Hupperts and Saroka. With success. Hupperts put in for, Saroka laid off, Terki lashed out: 2-1. Funnily enough, after that to the side for the 17-year-old debutant Laurens Symons , a bill of exchange who has an evil Terki very poorly digested.

Waasland-Beveren dropped in and it was still as hot but Filipovic decided to weak. At the counter knew Boljevic nor by strong keeperswerk of The Wolf. Nevertheless weergalmede ‘D’there is mor of a team in ’t Woasland’ by the Freethiel.

With the first win against Lokeren at the Freethiel since 2007 seems Custovic Waasland-Beveren on the rails. There need not even worry for the trip to Anderlecht. Now yes, that has today no one.

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