U.s. shutdown may take until after the new year

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The discussion on the limes wall with Mexico is blocking America. A speedy end to the ‘shutdown’ seems not to be in sight. The exit of minister of Defence Mattis makes, however, is speed.

The ‘shutdown’ of the U.s. government until January last. That has Mick Mulvaney, the new chief of staff to the president, Donald Trump said. That means that it to the newly composed Senate and the House of Representatives will be to go over the budget to decide.

On the basis of this shutdown, in which the budget for large parts of the American government are blocked, is a thorough argument about the wall that Trump wants to build on the border with Mexico. He wants 5 billion dollars, and refuses the budget to sign as long as he is that money does not get. With that barrier, he wants illegal migration to stop. In tweets of the past few days showed Trump his followers several times to know how great the limes wall, according to him will be. It is, according to him, the only way to “drugs, gangs, human trafficking, criminal elements, and much more” to prevent the country to get.

The democrats have no hurry to Trumps demands to go. At the midterms in november, they conquered the majority in the House of Representatives. From January 3, which is recast, it’s also a fact, which Trump the more difficult it will get to his plans to push through. They are prepared to give additional money for border control, as Trump and his wall, one of his main election, to drop. Mulvaney has that offer been rejected on behalf of Trump.

By the shutdown must be hundreds of thousands of American officials forced to leave, or they won’t be paid. Some departments and national parks are closed.

Minister of Defence accelerated replaced

Through his favourite Twitter announced Trump Sunday afternoon that he a replacement has been found for secretary of Defense James Mattis. Who took last week’s resignation after the decision of the president to all of Us to withdraw from Syria. IS, according to him, after all, defeated. Mattis’ successor is his own deputy, Patrick Shanahan, who previously was working at aircraft manufacturer Boeing. ‘He will be great!’, according to Trump.

In the same tweet, reported the president that Shanahan already on 1 January to get started. That is two months earlier than what Mattis itself provided. According to American media is Trump is particularly angry about the way in which Mattis in his letter of resignation to understand that he does not agree with Trumps decision about Syria, what is the reason for his accelerated exit.

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