Today 20th anniversary of the Showbizz-Site

Today 20th anniversary of the Showbizz-Site

It is today 20 years ago that in the Showbizz-Site de Showbizz-Site. After several other names at the end of december 1998 the Showbizz-Site was set up. What first the Flemish artist page afterwards Cultuuinfo, was suddenly the Showbizz-Site. The start of something that in 20 years big has become. A hobby, a website where we every day of the year with heart and soul work. 365 days per year and during a leap year even 366 days a year, you will be on the Showbiz Site an average of 28 messages per day to read. And then we have not even about the videos, the series, the content of popular programs such as The Buurtpolitie, Home, Family and much more.

For twenty years, and we bring news from home and abroad, a healthy mix of what the visitors like to read. That are close to the 10,000 news stories per year, one message all that more popular than the other. It’s not always about the messages that the well-known people like to see appear. The Showbizz-Site is not a good-news-show. Deaths, divorces, infidelity and other scandals we do not go out of the way. But always we try to respect the persons in question to be retained. We are not quick to publish gossip about, on the contrary.

The gratitude of well-known Flanders has been for many years large, the past few days we got a grab movies within of well-known people that the world of Showbiz-Site congratulations on 20 years of Showbizz-Site. These videos are published today, about 70 people did all the effort for a film to deliver. Even today, there are films within via info(at) . We hold today in our mailbox in the holes and fill of course.

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