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STVV nip over Anderlecht and AA Gent, in spite of zero-zero against KV Kortrijk

9e60527df9e0494d61ef981b01c1f627 - STVV nip over Anderlecht and AA Gent, in spite of zero-zero against KV Kortrijk

A wounded lion is twice as dangerous, but that was absolutely not the case at Stayen, where Sint-Truiden and Kortrijk, after their bekeruitschakeling went in search of recovery. Everyone, however, remained with the bruises behind because with a zero-zero shoot any of them. Especially STVV should the debt in their own mid-search because some shots really themselves in the foot instead of in the nets.

Two injured animals were so Stayen. The bekernederlaag had quite hacked. Certainly at KV Kortrijk, which is on KV Mechelen played as a wet mop and Yves Vanderhaeghe was also right in his face thrown. Because he is too much rotated posteriorly and not with the strongest possible team would have played.“Nonsense” ,defended the successor of De Boeck himself, but the evil was done. In Sint-Truiden, they appeared there more peace of mind to have that AA Ghent was better and soon the semi-finals will play against Oostende.

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KV Kortrijk

Everything on the competition, so and for STVV means that full for Play-off 1. With 24 points they would be there in Kortrijk already a miracle for need, but you never know. Vanderhaeghe had that message also sent to his players. The warmest and most beautiful week I had in any case not for the Guys, a dramatic, if definitely not. And so he grabbed. Or was it again under the banner rotate?

In any case, started Vanderhaeghe in the front with Mboyo, Ezekiel and Ouali. No Chevalier or Avenatti more, Rolland was hurt and D’haene allowed to return to his best position and that is the rear. Lost son Kumordzi took the place of the injured Hines-Ike. Kagelmacher and Kumordzi proven already that she is a koningskoppel and Kaminski behind them a warranty on the zero could offer. It was also necessary, because STVV took the best start and was just trying the speed of Boli. Revelation Bezus played soccer on the radar of Standard and Antwerp, but even he couldn’t force it. Ezekiel, however, and the nimble striker scored even, but offside meant that the 0-0 remained. That was also halfway through after both teams have a couple of little london. Boli even a sensitive because Kagelmacher was a nosebleed.

In the second half he had no more trouble and a good thing too, because Sint-Truiden found that zero long enough on the board had been. Kamada struck after a good action, however the pole. It went up and down in the early stages of the second half. Steppe had his seat at Ghent is well processed and squeezed everything out of the header from his own team mate Tomiyasu is still out of his goal to keep. Still 0-0 so.

The slipper in Mechelen not to after speaking, can be considered to be in Kortrijk today, good the zero can keep up. Yves Vanderhaeghe had the frivolous football under De Boeck for what it was and chose in the first place for a good organization. STVV helping a hand because the finish was pretty sloppy. The Norre for example, poeierde a ball almost into the hotel. In Kortrijk was even worse. Mboyo was on the hours repaid by Kanu but the Brazilian was incomprehensible even to sleep when the assist of Ouali with him arrived.

Julien De Sart got on the artificial turf than in the company of his brother Alexis at STVV and also the only botched Kumordzi could not continue. No koningskoppel so more in the back with the guys and then you think: would it be anyway? No Kamada searched for 80 minutes to his eleventh competitietreffer but eye-to-eye with Kaminski, he succeeded still to high to aim.

Boli did even worse. Someone with bad thoughts had to matchfixing can think because it was very unfamiliar and how Boli is even higher about to bounce back. Egg as after fell to the goal even on the other side but Steppe, pushed the lobe of Azouni still in the corner.

Four minutes of added time could not prevent the beginning-also the end position.

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