Picked up torque has nothing to do with drones at Gatwick

b803a3f6904fa126271cdc9a03c4e032 - Picked up torque has nothing to do with drones at Gatwick

The two detainees in the case of interfering dronevluchten above London’s Gatwick airport, are once again on free feet. They are no longer under suspicion, said Jason Tingley of the police in the county of Sussex on Sunday.

The 47-year-old man and 54-year-old woman worked very well with it during their interrogation. Both hail from the town of Crawley, just eight kilometers from the airport.

According to the British media, is going to have a couple. The man is a ramenplaatser and a fanatic of drones and radio controlled modelhelikopters. His employer denied that the man with the dronecampagne to do, because when he was at work and absolutely reliable. The neighbors described him as a hardworking, unassuming father with two children.

Who is behind the dronevluchten, is unknown. For safety reasons, was the air traffic at the airport from Wednesday to Friday has been largely restricted. Thus fell the kerstplannen of tens of thousands of passengers into the water.

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