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Mariah Carey knock, Wham! of the throne

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Did you think that Mariah Careys ‘All I want for Christmas Is You’ last year was worn out from playing? Right you are.

All I want for Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey was in 2017 the most played christmas hit in our country. That is according to figures from auteursrechtenmaatschappij Sabam. They knock, this ‘Last Christmas’ of the Uk’s pop duo’s Wham! of the throne. The bronze goes to the British liefdadigheidsgroep Band Aid, with the song ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’.

Sabam went after what kerstnummers in this period most often be played on the radio. The auteursrechtenmaatschappij did that on the basis of the royalties that they have in this year paid for 2017.

The first English song is no. 5: ‘With Christmas, I Want To Be Yours’ from the Dutch Willeke Alberti, a number that has already been performed by Udo. The first French song,”La Fille du Père Noël“of Jacques Dutronc, is in 13th place.

In addition, the top 15 are still quite a few large crackers, such as Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Queen, Bryan Adams and Nat King Cole.

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