Italian Senate vote still in with tighter budget

43137ab7bb84022f5c2345f6afa6b463 - Italian Senate vote still in with tighter budget

The Italian Senate has yet the revised and adjusted budget was approved. That happened after a long showdown with the European Commission, that the first version had been rejected.

The revised text still needs to be approved by the Chamber of Deputies, who will bend on the 28th or 29th of december.

With 167 votes for, 78 against and three abstentions, voted in favour of the senators, at 2.30 pm for the new text that a few hours earlier was presented by the government of national unity formed by the League and the Vijfsterrenbeweging and that came after several weeks of negotiations with the European Commission.

The centre-left Partito Democratico wants to the constitutional council because the senators do not have sufficient time been given to the text that was submitted to study.

After the agreement Wednesday with the EU is reached to an excessive deficit procedure is to prevent, this text establishes a general government deficit of 2,04% of the gross domestic product (GDP) -compared to 2, 4 percent initially – with a groeivoorspelling of 1 percent for next year, instead of 1.5 percent.

That must be a deterioration prevention of the huge Italian debt, which is more than 130 percent of its gdp.

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