Indonesia pays a price for location on the Ring of Fire

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The volcano Anak Krakatau.

Indonesia will get to deal more often with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. The has everything to do with its location, along the world’s most active geological zone.

Indonesia lies on the so-called ‘Ring of Fire’. That is the geologically most active zone in the world. It is a horseshoe-shaped strip of about 40,000 kilometers along New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Alaska, Canada, the United States, Mexico, and South America. Almost the entire Pacific ocean it is enclosed.

The vast majority of the world’s earthquakes, almost all of the largest earthquakes and approximately 75 percent of the volcanic eruptions – hence the name – take place along the Ring of Fire. On the basis of all that activity is plate tectonics. That is the against, under and over each other, sliding of the tectonic plates that the earth’s crust forms.

Of magma to the volcano

Indonesia is located on the Eurasian plate. The Australian plate south of Indonesia is located, dives under Eurasian plate. That process is subduction called. The plates are locked in a continuous pulling and sanding. A smooth process is that not, by the great friction between the plates. The huge forces that build up, earthquakes result.

Also volcanic eruptions are part of it. Because the deeper the edge of the Australian plate under his neighbor dives, the more the edge will melt. The magma that forms rises to the surface of the earth, keeps the tectonic movement in the hallway and in volcanic eruptions.

Indonesia has about 130 active volcanoes. The volcano, which presumably is responsible for the tsunami is Anak Krakatau. This is located in the strait between Java and Sumatra. By the eruption would be under water and a landslide occurred. This led to the tsunami, a huge tidal wave.

(No) Tsunami warning

Tsunamis often arise by zeebevingen. By measuring equipment, can earthquakes be detected, and tsunami warnings are sent. That the systems here do not work, you may have to do with the tsunami caused by the volcanic eruption. Already there was already a tsunami at the end of september, criticism of the Indonesian government, because the warning system when also let him down.

When a tsunami to land, the huge wave in shallow water, and it is, as it were, pushed up from the ocean. The consequences are always devastating.

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