10 Questions

IN THE PICTURE. Christmas as the ultimate koppelshow

“The good claus has come to you…and I know that you know how to get out of this living dolls, a young and

tender spouse must choose.’ This text is read on a map in 1909, where three well-dressed

men tempting an imaginary woman staring at. Another map, “Noël pour messieurs,” shows that

the men, in their turn, still have more choice, they can choose from five paradisiacal women,

kushandjes giving or wearing a wuft hat. Christmas is the ultimate koppelshow, Tinder avant la


And if the spouses are each other than have found they can go to work, in the hope that in the following year

a fleshy baby from a shoe or clog crawls, the baby Jesus is remembered. ‘Voilà la verge Porte-Bonheur’

(There is the rod of Luck) is on a map where four babies wondering how in the hell in the

pictured shoes. And that the rod not only stands for a bunch of straw falls off

lead from the corresponding maretakblaadje, traditionally associated with fertility.

The huge amount of kerstklompen on the French cards mauthner also had a life suggests that France

and the kerstklomp closely connected with it. In 2018, this is no longer so, the shoes are replaced

by slippers or socks. French pastry chefs, however, make these days still good ornamental with chocolate

clogs. And that makes the circle around, because cocoa was for the Aztecs and the Maya was the symbol for


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