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Husband is tortured, so he reveals his Private Key

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Lanseria, South Africa:

According to reports, a crypto-Trader has been kidnapped, drugged and tortured, to extort the passwords, its crypto wallets in Lanseria, South Africa. The man, known by the nickname of Andrew, was tell of a Person that he met on Facebook to know, in your home is invited to him a bit about crypto-currencies.

As soon as Andrew entered the house, he was hit from behind by a drug-soaked cloth knocked out. When he woke up, he found himself naked and was beaten by 3 men and 2 women, and tortured, the ausfragten him in accordance with the access data to his crypto-Wallets. The Trader said that he tried his Best to stay strong and to not give the kidnappers the information they wanted, but he was forced to abandon and to betray the password for his accounts, as they threatened to kill him with a hot iron.

Coinounce reported that the kidnappers have successfully transferred 58.500$ in Bitcoin to your Bitcoin address and 7.300$ to your Bank account while you’re missing with the iPhones of the victim and the 220$ cash, which he had brought. Andrew was found by the police on the street, which brought him to the hospital, where his wounds and burns all over the body were treated. The hunt for the kidnappers has begun, according to the authorities, already.


The local authorities have the kidnappers of a well-to-do taken Bitcoin-Miners from the Ukraine successfully. Bits online reported that the Ukrainian authorities have succeeded to catch the Criminal only a few days after the kidnapping.

According to the official case file, the Prosecutor schaftdes district Podolsky has been submitted, the hidden the Criminals in a Bush in the victim’s home while they were waiting, he came home. As soon as he came home, attacked him and got him to admit the car into a forest on the outskirts of the city, where they asked him the key to his apartment, and information about its cryptographic operations.

The victim handed over the keys to his apartment, in addition, you out, squeezed the information about the location of his Wallet access data from him. After you have stolen from him for$ 50,000, left the kidnappers to him. On the basis of the investigation on the basis of the account of the victim, arrested the local authorities, two brothers aged 30 and 34 years as a Suspect. The brothers is accused of a kidnapping with a burglary committed, so that you will have to be added under applicable law, with a maximum of 15 years in prison and confiscation of assets.

This incident is not the first of its kind, the Russian IT and Blockchain-specialist Pavel Lerner was kidnapped last year, during a walk through the streets of Kiev, by a group of men. Lerner was only released after $ 2 million ransom had been paid by his Relatives in Bitcoin. In his report to the local police, he said that he was abducted by government agents.

A new threat

These events complement the Creator James Lopp led the list, which documented the acts of physical violence, have to do with crypto. Lopps on GitHub has published a list of documented crypto-related Raids on cryptographic infrastructures, such as Bitcoin vending machines, or Mining Farms, but the increase in attacks on owners of crypto-currencies, in which the victim was kidnapped or for their crypto-Assets can be blackmailed, is an eye-opener.

The Criminals are focused on high net worth individuals within the crypto-scene, and also seem to favour the Trader over the very popular local bitcoins platform that enables local crypto-trade.

“ This theme is becoming ubiquitous and more and more law enforcement authorities dealing with organised crime and Violent crime at the local level,“ said Jonathan Levin, founder of Chainalysis. The company, which specializes in the prosecution of criminal transactions on the Blockchain, has already worked with several law enforcement authorities in the investigation of crimes, with digital currencies.

Hopefully, the number of crimes of this type will continue to rise. So you can lump the recommendation that you should only talk to people about crypto-assets, which you can trust, or you already know a little longer. It remains to mention that each victim of such a crime could be. You should not therefore overly Worried, but just the most important safety measures in mind.

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