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GP of Belgium, at the best-attended F1 races in 2018

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From a comparison of the number of spectators of the races on the F1 calendar 2018 were evident in the GP of Belgium to the best races.

It is the end of the year, and there are always a lot of lists and statistics to the top. In the Formula 1 will appear than the traditional lists with the number of spectators of different races.

The GP of Great Britain had the most number of spectators. Spread over the weekend received the Silverstone circuit, but less than 340 000 people. Mexico, and Australia complete with, respectively, 334 946 and 295 000 spectators the top three.

In total, there were slightly more than four million people who have at least one of the twenty-one races on the F1 calendar attended, with an average of 194 919 fans per race weekend. The GP of Belgium was no less than 250 000 spectators, well above the average.

The GP of Belgium is featured on a beautiful sixth place. Especially a lot of Dutch people pockets every year to the circuit in the Ardennes to their hero Max Verstappen to encourage. However, there are plans to in the coming years, possibly, a GP of the Netherlands to organize.

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