Flanders melt flock for Down-the-snow

6f789d3298cb982aca47eabf0cd50215 - Flanders melt flock for Down-the-snow

The whole of Flanders lived the past week along with a Down-the snow, the heart-warming liftavontuur of Dieter Coppens and Kevin. Their hot action brings a whopping 102 645 euros for Come on against Cancer and down Syndrome in Flanders. Dozens of lifts and 2700 miles later, they arrived tired, but satisfied in the warm). Like true heroes, they were welcomed in the provincial domain Puyenbroeck, where they will be met by their friends from Down the road. But on the stage was the biggest surprise waiting for them: the mother of Kevin, in her hands a cheque with the amount that the action of Down-the snow has brought.
2700 km lifts from the coldest to the warmest place in Europe: that was the goal of the Dieter and Kevin. Sunday night is this dream truly fulfilled. With a whopping 102 645 euro on the counter, Down the snow has become greater than Dieter Coppens and Kevin had ever hoped for.

Dieter Coppens: “We had never expected that we will have Down the snow so much money would be picked up! We hope so to make a difference for people with down’s Syndrome and cancer.”

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