Firsts that you’d rather not bring

Firsts that you'd rather not bring

News that others have not (yet), you can do as a website score. Unfortunately, the news is not always for the pick up. Occasionally, however, if you have a scoop where you do with scores. Unfortunately, that is not always the most fun firsts to bring. In early October we got a first within where we are not good were: there was a well-known tv presenter died. in the Morning around 6.30 pm we went with that message to get started. None of the other media had the news already. Go early in the morning, but even looking for people who that news can confirm. After an hour search, we had the phone number of the partner to the presenter. When he found who he is on the line, we were suddenly asked another voice on the line. It was the manager of the company in question. The regrettable news was confirmed, but eventually, it was communicated because there are still people on the height to be brought. More than an hour later we had the first of the regrettable death of Dré Steemans, better known as Felice. Believe me, that are firsts where you would rather not be behind but it goes with the job.
Earlier this month, had the Showbizz-Site for the first time the death of Jean-Pierre Van Rossem. Our source has such a good reputation that we did not doubt about the correctness of the news. 8.30 am saw the news on the Showbiz Site. The big news sites followed until around 11 pm. They had a second source which the news was able to confirm however that they got late in the morning. Within the walls of the large media companies, there is serious talk about the scoop on the world of Showbiz-Site.
We will not in fact light in tips and that they do not publish just. Recently we got the news that a bv on office cases and even a surgery had to undergo. We were even by which hospital the man was. Anyway we decided his wife to call, who had a good laugh because the man was healthy and at home in the couch watching tv. Fortunately but!

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