El Khayati put ADO back on level with ten-man Feyenoord

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  • El Khayati put ADO back on level with ten-man Feyenoord

El Khayati put ADO back on level with ten-man Feyenoord

23 december, 2018 11:59
23-12-18 11:59
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The last matches before the winter break, are Sunday on the program in the Eredivisie. ADO Den Haag-Feyenoord and De Graafschap-Vitesse are both at 14.30 began. FC Emmen and Willem II kicks at 16.45 hours. Ajax won in the first duel of the day of FC Utrecht. Follow all matches in our liveblog.


  • Graafschap-Vitesse (2-2)
  • ADO-Feyenoord (2-2)

16.45 pm:

  • Emmen-Willem II


  • FC Utrecht-Ajax 1-3

ADO-Feyenoord · 4 minutes geleden77′ GOAL ADO! 2-2

El Khayati ramming the ball in from eleven metres in the intersection. It is similar in Den Haag.ADO-Feyenoord · 5 minutes geleden76′ Penalty kick ADO!

After the intervention of the VAR see referee Blom that the violation within the penalty area is created. ADO may take a penalty.ADO-Feyenoord · 7 minutes geleden74′ RED Team!

Nieuwkoop keeps Beugelsdijk fixed and take this his second yellow card. Feyenoord with ten men further and ADO should also be a dangerous place in a free kick.ADO Den Haag-Feyenoord · 13 minutes geleden68′ GOAL Feyenoord! 1-2

What a beautiful goal by Larsson! The Swede shoots from distance through the pole touch in the far corner. Feyenoord against the ratio in the lead in The Haag.De Graafschap-Vitesse · 16 minutes geleden65′ GOAL Vitesse! 2-2

Bero shoots from distance touch in the far corner. It is the same in Doetinchem.Willem II-FC Emmen · 17 minutes ago

A remarkable message from Tilburg. Four German players, Thomas Meissner, Donis Avdijaj, Timon Wellenreuther and Atakan Akkaynak by Willem II for disciplinary reasons will be suspended. What exactly happened is not known. At 16.45 hours to play their team mates at FC Emmen.De Graafschap-Vitesse · 23 minutes geleden58′ GOAL The County! 2-1

Furdjel Narsingh makes eye-to-eye with goalkeeper Eduardo no mistake and smashes The County again in the lead in the Gelderse derby.ADO-Feyenoord · 33 minutes geleden48′ Great chance for Feyenoord to edge. Nieuwkoop get a free schietkans, but it pops against Zwinkels.ADO Den Haag-Feyenoord · 35 minutes geleden46′ After mascot ‘Pin Pin’ the field has to leave the second half of start.De Graafschap-Vitesse · 39 minutes ago

Martin Ödegaard makes his third of the season and has already scored in his previous two Premier league seasons, in which he in 38 matches for sc Heerenveen twice to score kwam.De Graafschap-Vitesse · one hour ago

Peace. It is a hot pot on The Vijverberg. By hits of Olijve and Ödegaard, The County and Vitesse to rest with a 1-1-intermediate.ADO-Feyenoord · one hour agoRest. ADO checks for quite some time in the first half, but by a hit of Berghuis search the Hague and Feyenoord still have an equal position the dressing: 1-1.ADO-Feyenoord · one hour geleden45′ GOAL Feyenoord! 1-1

Feyenoord comes out of nowhere at the same height! In reference to Van Persie tap Berghuis 1-1 binnen.De Graafschap-Vitesse · one hour geleden43′ GOAL Vitesse! 1-1

It is the same on The Vijverberg. Ödegaard tap from close in.ADO-Feyenoord · one hour ago

35′ Everton makes a powerless impression in The Hague. The city’s inhabitants, creating no chances and are on a 1-0 gap against ADO.FC Utrecht-Ajax · one hour ago

At the Hag with good feeling of the holidays in
Trainer Erik ten Hag comes with a wonderful feeling of the holidays. “I see a lot of perspective for 2019,” says Ten Hag after the uitzege of Ajax FC Utrecht (3-1). “We are after the winter break still on three stages active”, he means the Champions League, the battle for the national championship and the KNVB cup. “Nationally, there are chances of prices. Internationally, we want to once again stunt and as far as it will reach.”ADO-Feyenoord · one hour ago

El Khayati notes today, his eleventh goal of the season. The last ADO-the player who is halfway through the Eredivisie season more scored, it was Remco Boere, with twelve goals in the season 1987/1988.ADO-Feyenoord · one hour geleden20′ That saves a little! Tapia takes the ADO goal from a difficult angle surprisingly under fire, but shoots over.ADO-Feyenoord · one hour geleden18′ A hard shot from Becker’s sailing towards the roof of the goal, but Bijlow picks up the ball klemvast from the air.ADO-Feyenoord · one hour geleden14′ What a chance for Melvyn Lorenzen to ADO at 2-0. The attacker shoots after a counter from up close over.De Graafschap-Vitesse · one hour geleden13′ GOAL The County! 1-0

With a hard shot that put Frank Olijve The County on edge.ADO-Feyenoord · 2 hours geledenDe screamer of El Khayati in the picture.

So. Da’s 1-0 within four minutes. @OmroepWestSport #adofey


AuteurHenk RuijlMoment of plaatsen14:35 – 23 december 2018ADO-Feyenoord · 2 hours geleden4′ GOAL ADO Den Haag! 1-0

ADO takes the lead! Abdenasser El Khayati shoots a free kick against the ropes and opens the score.Premier league · 2-hour geleden1′ We are on the loose in Doetinchem in the netherlands and The Hague. De Graafschap-Vitesse and ADO-Feyenoord is on the way.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Janssen acknowledges that the penalty was justified
FC Utrecht-captain Willem Janssen admits guilt after the 1-3 lost thuisduel with Ajax. The midfielder caused a penalty kick, after which the 0-2 arose. The incident escaped referee Dennis Higler, but after the intervention of the VAR was still a penalty kick is given. “I try to be with him just as to hold that it was not a penalty,” said Janssen in a conversation with FOX Sports. “He had the ball, but the referee awards a penalty. There, I just need honest.”De Graafschap-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

Vitesse start on a visit to The County with Bryan Linssen in the rush hour. He replaces Oussama Darfalou, who because of injury is missing.

Vitesse: Eduardo; Karavaev, Thelander, Clarke-Salter, Büttner; Bero, Serero, Foor; Ödegaard, Linssen, Beerens.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Ajax wins heated duel with FC Utrecht and remains in track PSV
Ajax wins by hits from Kasper Dolberg, Dusan Tadic and Frenkie de Jong, with 1-3 at FC Utrecht. The duel is halfway through the second half, briefly shut down after a vuurwerkbom explodes next to Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana. Then Nick Venema with a header get something back in return, but further than that hit the home team is not. Deep in injury time, record The Young, the 1-3. The victory reduces Ajax the gap to leader PSV back to two points.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 2 hours geleden90+5‘ GOAL Ajax! 1-3

Over and out in Stadium Galgenwaard! The Young tap reference Ziyech the 1-3.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 2 hours geleden90 ” There will be five minutes of stoppage time. Draws Ajax to the victory over the mark?FC Utrecht-Ajax · 2 hours geleden84′ What a chance for Ziyech to to decide the match! The Moroccan should have one on the Utrecht-purpose and has all the time, but shoot against Utrecht goalkeeper Jensen.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 2 hours geleden79′ All hands on deck for Ajax that suddenly, under pressure from Utrecht. A header from Letschert goes over.De Graafschap-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

Although The County last week with 8-0 Ajax lost, change of trainer Henk de Jong, his team prior to the thuisduel with Vitesse at only one position. Fabian Serrarens plays for Stef Nijland.

The County: Etemadi; Owusu, Nieuwpoort, Van de Pavert, Tutuarima; Baker, El Jebli, Olijve; Narsingh, Serrarens, Van Mieghem.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 2 hours geleden74′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-2

Out of nothing makes Utrecht the match exciting again. Klaiber will find the detached Venema which is close to the 1-2 binnenkopt. Ajax has won this competition.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 2 hours ago”This is not what FC Utrecht wants to be,” said the stadionspeaker after the bekogeling of Onana.

#Onana is pelted with beer, and then explodes, a hearty piece of fireworks a few meters away. Man man man. #utraja


AuteurEmile of the SandeMoment of plaatsen13:36 – december 23, 2018FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours geleden63′ After the stadionspeaker the public has spoken, the duel resumed.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours geleden62′ There explodes a vuurwerkbom in addition to Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana. The game is just stopped.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours geleden60′ GOAL Ajax! 0-2

Tadic makes from eleven metres no mistake and doubled the lead.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours geleden59′ Penalty Ajax!

After the intervention of the VAR gives Higler a penalty because Jones Dolberg would have held. The camera images are not very clear, but the referee will find the contact enough for a penalty to be awarded.ADO-Feyenoord · 3 hours geledenADO coach Alfons Groenendijk will send the same eleven players take the field last weekend for the 0-3 victory at Willem II.

ADO Den Haag: Zwinkels; Troupée, Beugelsdijk, Cannon, Meijers; After all, El Khayati, Baker; Becker, Falkenburg, Lorenzen.

💪 Fons Groenendijk applies the principle of ‘never change a winning team’ and choose against Feyenoord for the same eleven names as against Willem II. Come On The Hague! #ADOfey


AuteurADO The Hague 🔰Time of plaatsen13:11 – december 23, 2018ADO-Feyenoord · 3 hours geleden54 ” As close Utrecht this afternoon, still not a goal! A shot of Klaiber is changed direction by The Young, and ends up in the zijnet. Ajax is warned.ADO-Feyenoord · 3 hours geledenJordy van la parra missing in the base at Feyenoord for the uitduel with ADO Den Haag. He is replaced by Renato Tapia.

Feyenoord: Bijlow; Nieuwkoop, Van Beek, Van der Heijden, Verdonk; Tapia, Toornstra, Vilhena; Berghuis, Van Persie, Larsson.



AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen13:18 – december 23, 2018FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours geleden46′ There is football in Stadium Galgenwaard. Gyrano Church stays behind in the dressing room. Mark van der Maarel is a substitute.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours ago

FC Utrecht was exactly seventeen years ago with 0-1 behind at rest, but finally won with 3-1 by Ajax in my own house. It was one of the two times in which FC Utrecht after resting a backlog omboog in a victory against Ajax. On november 6, 2011 won the Domstedelingen 6-4 after rest, still 2-3 behind.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours ago

Peace. By a hit of Dolberg is Ajax a 0-1-ahead at FC Utrecht.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours geleden38′ The first half has troubles to the end. Ajax is the 0-1-intermediate well, Utrecht is unable to the Locals difficult to make.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours geleden30′ That makes a difference not many! The free-kick from Tannane is over the dead ball line operated by The Is located.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours geleden28′ Wöber spuds Church down and gets a yellow card. Utrecht is on a promising position in a free kick.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours geleden25′ No problem for Ajax, that the first quarter of the game controls and earned on a 0-1-ahead. Utrecht has yet no chances created.FC Utrecht-Ajax · 3 hours ago

Dolberg record against Utrecht his 29th Premier league-goal. There are three Danes with more Ajax matches in the Premier league: Sören Lerby (66), Frank Arnesen (52) and Lasse Schöne (47).Back to top

Image: ANP


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