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Coinbase starts a conversion service between crypto-currencies

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Coinbase, a crypto-currency exchange based in San Francisco, California, has introduced its new conversion service for crypto-currencies with an official statement on the 17.12.2018.

Coinbase tweeted on their official Twitter Account:

“Starting today, you can find it on Coinbase, a crypto-currency to another convert. Conversions between Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), 0x (ZRX) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It is the 8. The day of ’12 Days of Coinbase’.
Learn more:“

The conversion service is on as well as in the
iOS and Android Apps available. The changeover is carried out immediately and to
more favourable conditions than in the case of two different transactions.

In the official statement it is said that the company currencies, the possibility for the conversion of Crypto in all 34 countries where Coinbase regional is represented step will be for the customer. Coinbase also plans to collect during the customer feedback and the Feature in the course of time to develop. The product teams work intensively with new directives, in order to find a democratic way crypto-currencies to develop and improve the facilities, a currency efficiently in a other convert.

The company has created a user-friendly, extremely reliable and advanced platform for each, the Bitcoin buy or sell. By focusing on ease of use and the establishment of uniform Standards Coinbase has worked to make crypto-currencies more accessible to everyone.

The company is working more than 30 crypto-currencies to offer, including Ripple. The California exchange will lead in the future, many crypto-currencies, including Dai, Mana, and Neo. The crypto stock exchange is working together with local financial institutions and Supervisory authorities, in order to offer them in as many areas as possible. Coinbase is currently assessing the resources that are scheduled on the basis of the Digital Asset Framework to components such as security, Compliance, and the alignment of the project to its Mission, a public-and-trade system for the world to rate.

Since the 10.12.2018 published Coinbase in the context of its promo “12 Days of Coinbase” new posts, in the context of a classic Christmas song. On 14.12.2018 the platform began with the withdrawal of Fiat via the payment service PayPal. The support will initially be for consumers in the United States and is being gradually introduced in the other countries.

The introduction of new currencies requires, both from a technical and from a business point of view, the important audit steps. All the currencies examined, the company, will ultimately be admitted to trading. Moreover, your approval process could lead to some of these currencies are offered for clients only to Buy and Sell, without the possibility to send these via a local Wallet or to receive.

Disclaimer: This
Information is not a confirmation of a crypto-currency. It is not
a recommendation to trade. The crypto market is full of unexpected
Developments and overvalued currencies. You research, before you do anything
buy. To not lose more you invest, as you can afford.

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