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Club Brugge only second after a strong victory against Antwerp

360869143d2119ea17404f11010bed23 - Club Brugge only second after a strong victory against Antwerp

Club Brugge has its own thuisaanhang a fantastic christmas present delivered. The champion wervelde against Antwerp in a direct duel for the second spot. The final grades were clear: 5-1. Dennis (2x), Writers, Zip and Vanaken scored to Bruges side, the Antwerp eerredder came from the head of Jelle van Damme.

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The topper between Club Brugge and royal Antwerp was a direct duel for the second place. The two were tied in the standings with every 35 points and both have a difficult period in their own country. Antwerp went last week, still painful wriggle on their own field against Waasland-Beveren, Club got not over Kortrijk and saw Genk’s seven points lead. Leko chose not surprising for Amrabat in midfield, but for Writers in addition to Wesley. Shaper and Denswil were not there due to suspension. At Antwerp started Nazarina while Arslanagic on the bank had to start. Initially, the quality of the level of play is not too high, and that for several reasons. First, it was Antwerp clearly to Bruges, drawn with the intention to mainly to defend. If there is a fluid combination was tried, cast the bad field put a spanner in the works.

Goal out of nothing

Club had predominance, but on a first real chance had to wait. That came after a smart doorsteekbal of Vanaken on the Zipper, but that last one forgot to put on Wesley, and thrust themselves on Bolat. Minutes later, there was still a goal out of nothing. Dennis – well, and threatened from the left – threw a rotating ball in front of goal, and the ball all the amenities between several Antwerp and Bruges legs down past Bolat. A deserved lead, but also a bit of a lucky one. Just as during the home game against Standard seemed Dennis after his goal again needed to be changed, but the Nigerian could eventually just move on.

Club drew confidence from that goal and went looking for more. Because Antwerp gradually from his egelstelling crawled, there was slightly more space. Five minutes before the rest operated Wesley with a beautiful assist Writers who are in the back of Van Damme crept, and the little attacker worked at one time and with a velvet key is gorgeous with a lobe. The ball hit the ground, Bolat was it nailed. 2-0, so. A lot of open opportunities had in the first half, but none during the rest something could haggle on a comfortable lead of Club. Because Antwerp was almost no threat to express. After the peace returned to the spelbeeld not, already got Antwerp one good chance on a aansluitingstreffer. Mbokani pounced suddenly, only Horvath, but the attacker verkwanselde his chance by taking the ball too far in front of him for tapping. On the other side went Club just efficient furthermore. Dennis could the ball after a good effort on the sidelines until at Wesley to get into the sixteen, and he saw his shot turned by Bolat. Zipper was there, however, if the toes on to the 3-0 in the target tapping.

Hunger not yet abated

Match played, but the hunger of the Club was not yet satisfied. Dennis award-winning are great party even with a second hit. He scored with the head after a free-kick from Vanaken that the Nigerian had been enforced against a swimming Batubinsika, and then let Vanaken the 5-0 still lying when he Bolat omspeelde but decided in the zijnet. Antwerp was one great opportunity to equalize, but Haroun hit the pole and shot his rebound wild in the grandstand. By the necessary bills bled the contest after death, which Club quiet could count down to the final signal. There was still excitement when Van Damme a kopbaldoelpunt initially saw disapproved by offside, but by the intervention of the VAR, the goal is still approved. Much altered that not more, on the contrary: Vanaken kicked from the dot is still 5-1 after an error of Lamkel They on Mata. Club could be so wait and see what the Genk later in the day went to get in Eupen, while Antwerp with two defeats in a row counts down to the winter break and the necessary rest.

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