Cases German journalist darkened possible gifts

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Claus Relotius, the German journalist who spent years as high-eyes tossed with made-up stories, continues to amaze. According to his former employer Der Spiegel, he may also have donations from readers darkened.

There is apparently no end to ‘der Fall Relotius’ – the case Relotius. Last week it became known that star reporter Claus Relotius of the internationally renowned German magazine Der Spiegel, his readers for many years already, voorloog. Large parts of the reports which he and many of persprijzen awards, were invented. From different articles it appears that not the letter.

Der Spiegel published the news this week itself and put Relotius at the door, but the stocking may be not finished yet. ‘Reporter täuschte Leser zone leaders mit Spendenaufruf’, writes Der Spiegel today on his website – reporter deluded, presumably, readers with a call for donations. The magazine is considering making a complaint against Relotius because he is donations from readers has darkened.

Gifts for fictional refugees

The case came to light after readers themselves , Der Spiegel contacted. From a private mail account asked Relotius them to transfer money to his personal bank account. Four readers have the sheet on this subject will be contacted. To what amounts the going is not yet known. The money would be destined for two Syrian refugee children, Ahmed and Alin, a brother and sister who lost their parents in the fighting in Aleppo and in Turkey on the streets trying to survive. Relotius wrote a long and moving article – ‘Königskinder’ – about the fate of the two.

But on the name of the author, there appears to be some of that article is not much to beat. So is the girl Alin in all probability not. The Magnum photographer that Relotius worked in Turkey, says that he was the boy photographed, but that no sister has. Also, the story of the boy’s right doesn’t. According to Relotius had the child his mother is buried. In reality, lives the woman and she works in a furniture store in the Turkish city of Gaziantep.

In a recently published Swiss book says Relotius, however, that he thanks to the donations, and thanks to his own months-long efforts, managed to make the children to be adopt by a German family in lower Saxony. Also this is fabricated, needs to Der Spiegel today, writing: ‘Es handelt sich zone leaders ebenfalls um eine Fiktion’.

The articles of Relotius, also the story about the Syrian orphans, are still always read in the archive of Der Spiegel. But then do include a disclaimer, stating that it is examined whether the story is still correct. ‘The journalism of Claas Relotius is according to a study by Der Spiegel , accused of widespread forgery and manipulation by the author.’

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