At least 62 dead in tsunami Indonesia

7b0feb60fe4095b1828ab2461e36e2e9 - At least 62 dead in tsunami Indonesia

During a tsunami in the strait of Sunda between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra, and Saturday at least 62 people to life. There are also another twenty or so missing.

Thus did the authorities Sunday morning known. There were 600 wounded. Dozens of buildings were damaged. It is expected that the number of victims will rise because the government is still information to collect from the areas where the tsunami struck.


The tsunami was most likely caused by the eruption of the volcano Anak Krakatoa, on an island in the strait is located. The volcanic eruption took place around 21.03 hours local time, and 24 minutes later came the tsunami on land.

Most of the victims fell in the provinces of Lampung in Sumatra and Banten in Java. Especially in the latter province there would be a lot of damage. The region is also among tourists is popular to surfing. At Carita Beach in Nanten are 430 homes, nine hotels and dozens of boats and cars destroyed.

Washed away

The Norwegian Øystein Lund Andersen was forced to flee when he was on the beach pictures was taking of the volcano. “I saw a big wave of fifteen or twenty yards inland, drew. The next wave washed into the hotel and washed cars away. We have managed to get through the forest to higher elevations where we will now be absorbed by the local population. We are fortunately unharmed,” he writes.

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