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Also in Names is not a size on Mathieu van der Poel, Van Aert second, despite a missed start

a6318be562020526510e1d4720d52ea8 - Also in Names is not a size on Mathieu van der Poel, Van Aert second, despite a missed start

Even though he was the only winner on that Saturday in Sint-Niklaas at the start was, yet was there this afternoon in Names again, no size on Mathieu van der Poel. The Dutchman raced into the second round away from the competition, Wout van Aert finished in handsome second ondans a complete missed start and approaching in the WB booth at leader Show Aerts with a third place, the damage is limited.

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A liberated head and knowing that he is on this track last year the practices had been used: the made sure that Wout van Aert supergemotiveerd to Names afzakte. But after twenty metres, he was allowed to actually all of his ambitions aside. Of Aert lap in the start of his pedal, saw plenty of opponents pass and reached the end of the first inclined strip in about twentieth position. Then you’ve lost, game over.

Mathieu van der Poel looked at a grand total of one round the cat out of the tree and cannot tolerate the company of a handful of competitors. Among them also Toon Aerts, the leader in the world cup. When accelerated, slipped, Van der Poel appropriate to after the second passage of the bevel definitively say goodbye to the Rijkevorselnaar.

Strong return Of Aert, Aerts limited damage

In the meantime, Wout van Aert as a bolide back to for and when Aerts – earlier this week, a few days sick – at the third passage of the bevel down and pushed back, the connection is a fact. Also Michael Vanthourenhout hooked his trolley. Of Aert smoke his chance and put Aerts immediately under pressure when the bicycle changed. But that was at a good distance from Mathieu van der Poel who is the esbattementen of the Belgians, few seemed to attract. Bad luck for Michael Vanthourenhout at the end of the fourth round puncture.

The battle for places one and two was pretty quick battle: Van der Poel dominated, Van Aert made his second, also quite fast safely. But behind them, they had to WB-leader Toon Aerts, the company had to tolerate the young Dutchman Nieuwenhuis while also Michael Vanthourenhout jack was looking for. Aerts, clearly not in his best effort, had to pull out all the stops for the returned Nieuwenhuis to follow. Aerts pulled themselves together in the final stage, and could end up third place securing. This, he limited the damage Of Aert in the battle for the world cup.

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