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Tubize hopes for wintermercato to be rid of transferverbod

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AFC Tubize hopes for the wintermercato to be rid of the transferverbod that Friday, was imposed by the licensing committee of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association). “In the near future, will the club meet its obligations”, responded the red lantern in 1B Friday night.

“Tubize has the terms and conditions of the licensing committee are not perfectly complied with”, the Walloon people from the netherlands. “The club in the near future to meet its obligations, so that the imposed transferverbod for the winter break is cancelled.”

Tubize want to emphasize that the transferverbod not have an impact on the involvement of the South Korean investors.

The transferverbod is true as long as the red lantern in 1B cannot prove that it is ok with the license. “The ball is in the camp of Tubize”, said license manager Nils Van Brantegem, that the mid-term evaluation of all professional clubs in good jobs led. Only when Tubize complies with the requirements of the license commission, the transferverbod lifted. The 1B club would not be able to prove that the wages of the players, coaches and all personnel and social contributions paid.

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