Trump points out, after criticism: IS-terrorists ‘are largely overcome’

b86391b2ec4f2caab6f62a774bb6efa0 - Trump points out, after criticism: IS-terrorists ‘are largely overcome’

After fierce criticism of the planned withdrawal of American troops from Syria, the Us president, Donald Trump his choice of words about the organization IS changed a bit. IS is “largely overcome,” wrote Trump on Saturday on Twitter.

Other countries in the region, including Turkey, according to him, easily finish what is left of the organization remains.

Earlier, Trump declared that IS in Syria is completely overcome, so the American soldiers can be withdrawn. Trumps decision to all 2,000 American soldiers from Syria to the house to pick up, dig, nationally and internationally in a lot of misunderstanding and caused major irritation. Trump would be the decision taken against the advice of key cabinet staff. Experts warn that IS by no means completely defeated, and that a withdrawal of troops be fatal.


Minister of Defence James Mattis had Thursday his resignation was announced because of fundamental disagreements in other issues. Several American media report Saturday certified the American special envoy for the anti-IS coalition, Brett McGurk, due to the disagreements over the Syriëkwestie early stop. McGurk would be normal only in February stop.

Due to the partial shutdown of state-owned companies in the U.S. could American media, their ministry of Foreign Affairs do not reach for comment.

The Washington Post wrote that Trump the decision to have its troops from Syria back to draw – an idea he now flirted – last week has taken after a telephone conversation with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan would be doubts about the commitment of the USA in Syria, after which Trump had said that the United States withdraw.

Turkey complained especially about the cooperation between the US and the Kurdish militia YPG, the main ally of the West in Syria. Turkey sees it as a branch of the banned Kurdish workers party (PKK), and fear that the Kurds an autonomous region in Syria on the Turkish border to consolidate.

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