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Top 10 Headlines Of 2018, Seats 6. to 10.

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In the year 2018 is happening in the crypto-Space lot, the number of crypto-User has more than doubled, there are new All have been established-Time Lows, and much more. In this article there are the top 10 headlines of the year 2018 to catch up. Starting with the places 10. to 6. it goes in the morning article published with the squares 5. to 1. more.

10. Binance uses Malta as a “crypto-Silicon Valley“

Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto Exchanges in 2018 its headquarters from Hong Kong to Malta after the government of Hong Kong annoying crypto-laws had moved the Exchange to Malta, because the Maltese government is not a simple and smooth crypto-policy. In 2017 in Hong Kong by Changpeng Zhao founded, supported Binance currently, several of the leading crypto currencies and Alt Coins. In addition to the offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong, the company has opened in October a new office in Taipei.

9. Coinbase Glitch costs investors thousands of Dollars

In February 2018, reported some Coinbase Users like you in the purchase of crypto currencies in a single account x-fold of their credit cards debited. A User reported that a single invoice is 50 times charged and thus, an amount of the invoice in the amount of 67.000$. Coinbase announced after a short time, that there were problems with the credit card institutions and the customers concerned will of course receive a refund. Visa and Wordplay, the credit card Issuer, issued a statement on the Coinbase Version of the problem confirmed. A lot of Coinbase customers saw unusual transactions on your accounts. Some of these unauthorized transactions were so high that you ausreizten the scheduling Limits of the Bank accounts of the customer, leading to high overdraft fees.

8. SamSam Trojan Software steals more than $ 6 million

SamSam, a new type of malicious software that stole Bitcoins worth $ 6 million. In August, the cyber security company Sophos, a Research Paper, in which it was said that the developers of SamSam have earned since 2015, more than $ 5.9 million. The SamSam Blackmailer software used an extremely minimalist approach to find the PCs of Victims, and to compromise. According to the study, the attacks in the following way: First of all, SamSam uses a variety of Windows tools to gain higher Windows rights. Then, you scanned the network to find more valuable targets. They peered out the user name / passwords, and their privileges allow them to copy your Software on each machine, whether Server or client systems. SamSam is not picky, and attacks everything it gets access.

7. Fraudsters pass themselves off as a Telegram-CEO to steal Bitcoin and Ether

Pavel Durov , founder of VK (the Russian Social Media page, the Social Media market in Russia and other Slavic countries dominated) and founder & CEO of Telegram, a cloud-based Messaging platform, based in London.
In April 2018, published by Durov in a message on his Twitter Account and let his Followers know that overheating could cause problems on one of the Cluster Server of the app, users to communication problems. The Problem should be fixed soon.
Then another Tweet was posted, in the state that Durov would give his followers 5000 ETH and 1000 BTC as a thank you for the support of Telegram. The next day Cointelegraphs block show made it clear that Durov don’t give away Altcoins, and told Twitter to take users away from such a tweet seriously.

6. BitConnect breaks under regulatory pressure

BitConnect shatters at the pressure of the regulatory authorities
In January of 2018, took BitConnect under pressure from the regulatory authorities, finally, to his credit, and exchange platform from the network. As Bitconnect (BCC) by the end of 2016 launched the ICO, received a lot of attention from the crypto Community. After the course of BCC was increased in the beginning of 2017 quickly to$ 1 and increased it at the beginning of November of the same year, to nearly 286$. The company was also the focus of many conflict situations. The Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) has on 4. January 2018, to adopt, finally, a cease and Desist order against Bitconnect. The contained information on the procedure, with the help of the company “Partner” set, etc.

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