Tom Waes follows the most dangerous motorcycle racing in the world

0ce66ff1695d7c03a5a7a430cb5a7eef - Tom Waes follows the most dangerous motorcycle racing in the world

In the second episode of Travel Waes Europe visit Waes Isle of Man, an island in the sea between Ireland and England. The most spectacular sights are the biggest waterwheel in the world, and sheep with four horns. Not the ideal holiday destination.

But one week a year all hell breaks loosely. The Tourist Trophy driving: the most dangerous motorcycle racing in the world. It is a race on the public road and motorcoureurs fly at 300 kilometers per hour through the streets of the island. Along curbs, houses, and power poles…

The lovers call Isle of Man-the mecca of the motorsport, but according to the opponents, the “TT race” is completely irresponsible. Every year there’s at least one dead. In 2016, there were even four.

Tom follows the TT race for years, but made the event even never in person. Now he pulls for the first time to go to, but with a double feeling: “The dead really seems to be part of this event. The circus is here just by. But as a motorcycle enthusiast I feel my blood flow faster. I can do no other than this exciting find.”

Tom also gets itself on the engine, though that’s of course not as a racer. In addition, he talks with supporters and opponents of the TT Trophy.

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