Thousands of people celebrate winterwende in Stonehenge

c72d03f6ceead1b490c927a329952230 - Thousands of people celebrate winterwende in Stonehenge

With music and partly dressed thousands of people the winterwende celebrated at the megalythische monument of Stonehenge in southern Britain. After the longest night of the winter, they welcomed the morning of the sunrise.

They were in the early morning arrived, and had up to 7.15 hours of waiting within the ring of the monument from the Neolithic era to get. The police was on the spot to lead in the right direction.

Some visitors wore historic, colorful clothing, others sang or played on flutes and drums. Another had the head of a unicorn set up. There were also small spiritual ceremonies take place. Not only for the winterwende, but also for the zomerwende attract thousands of people on a pilgrimage to Stonehenge. In addition to party-goers and tourists are also followers of pagan cults to the visitors. Both solstices mark the moment when the sun, from the earth, the most northern or southern position is reached. The winterwende (midwinter) is the shortest day, the zomerwende (midsummer) makes for the longest day.

The stone circles of the north of the Southern English city of Salisbury is part of the UNESCO world heritage site. Each year more than a million people visit Stonehenge. For which the to 25 tons of heavy, ancient megaliths were originally served, is not with certainty determined.

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