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The red cross is using the Blockchain for more donation transparency – Coin Hero

The red cross is using the Blockchain for more donation transparency

Home News the Red cross is using the Blockchain for more donation transparency

Matthias Nemack –

An interesting message from Irish messages early Saturday Morning in the round. It shows once again that the Blockchain very suitable for everyday use and a currencies such as Bitcoin, and not only for the risk-loving gold diggers are suitable.

The red cross knows he is in good company

What is it about? Now, the least crypto-currencies would have expected years ago, in spite of all the optimism in the Blockchain, it is probably a use in the charitable sector. While currencies such as Ethereum, and their systems can afford just here, because of the relatively cheap fees for transactions. At the end of November we reported here, for example, a recently developed network in Austria, that the Blockchain over its own currency – it uses the Token 4 Hope. And so, the Red cross, after some of the other international organisations have at least been thinking about a use according to the.

App to make donations, uses traceable

The Institution hinted that donors through the use of a mobile App and the Blockchain provide maximum transparency. The Red cross cooperates with a Dublin Startup, which listens to the name of AID. The App is called “trace donate” is to give donors insight, and where their donated amounts be like ultimately. This is for many donors is important. In the past, there were many facilities rumors or confirmed reports on donations abuse, and able to penetrate through the middle, never at the actual needy arrived.

Such a problems, the Red cross would like to announce now with the Blockchain-based App battle. In addition, similar activities at other facilities have shown that the Blockchain for the organisations allowed to itself is also easier and faster transactions. The lower costs are unquestionably as an Argument.

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