No more money for part of U.s. administrations

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A part of the American government since midnight local time closed. That is because there are in the Congress, no agreement about the budget. To over flowing there is no more money to the services in question.

It is only a part of the American public. Approximately 75 percent of the U.s. budget was already approved. But some elements are difficult. So requires the president Trump $ 5 billion extra for the construction of a limes wall with Mexico. The democrats refuse to vote and also be a part of the republican congressmen, the situation is difficult. The chance of approval was so small that it is tonight, not even to a vote.

Trump gave Friday in a series of tweets that he was willing to risk a long shutdown to take, if but allows for the funding of the wall. He wants to get the proposal to approve, because in January the democrats a majority in congress. The funding of the wall around is still a much more difficult case. In the Senate has Trump, however, still a majority, but too tight to the budget there self to push through.

Saturday afternoon the House of Representatives and the Senate met again. It remains to be seen whether an agreement can be found.

No reward

Concretely, nine ministries affected (Homeland Security, Justice, Trade, Transport, Housing,…).

Also the national parks are no longer funded. There are about 380,000 civil servants home without pay, while 420,000 to officers, such as staff, agents and warders, to get started must be paid. They would, by an appointment in the congress later still their money receive

Not first shutdown for Trump

It is not the first time that by the absence of an agreement on the budget a ‘shutdown’. Also in January, that was the case. But because no one is in a long standoff wanted in the run-up to the parliamentary elections, came after three days of an end to the shutdown.

Also before that happened, however, that begrotingsdiscussie to prohibition has led, but several times in one year is very unusual.

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