Nicaraguan government to close independent tv channel

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The Nicaraguan government has one of the last independent television channels of the country closed. On Friday, urged the police and the building of “100% Noticias” inside, arrested the director, Miguel Mora and pulled the license of the station.

This is reported by the drive on the homepage of his website. Mora is accused of terrorism and incitement, wrote a letter to the chairman of the human rights organisation Human Rights Watch in the Americas, José Miguel Vivanco, on Twitter. The operation is again a violation of freedom of expression in the Central American country, was the criticism of Vivanco. The government of the authoritarian president Daniel Ortega, he called a dictatorship.

In addition, Mora was also the well-known journalist Lucía Pineda arrested. Because they are next to the Nicaraguan also the citizenship of Costa Rica owns, works at the consulate of the neighboring country in the Nicaraguan capital Managua to her release. Working for the media in Nicaragua are increasingly under pressure. The government came in december against media companies and let searches run at the editorial level.

In the Central American country since april very restless. Ortega had with a planned social reform protests provoked. Although he is the reform withdrew, continued the protests take, and the demands of the population to resign. Police officers and law-abiding armed resistance groups started to address the protesters hard. Since the beginning of the crisis, according to mensenrechtengroepen more than 500 people were killed, particularly among the civilian population.

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