New season of Peace on earth: Sven de Leijer brings quirky annual review during the christmas holidays

07cbcdd973ed65692ddd5334476639bd - New season of Peace on earth: Sven de Leijer brings quirky annual review during the christmas holidays

Peace on earth is back: Sven de Leijer brings the whole christmas holiday long his personal annual review, the time from Sunday to Thursday on One.

Outside it is cold, but in his studio attracts Sven shamelessly the map of the warmth and coziness. Every evening, he leaves three guests in, gives them something to drink and when they are completely at ease in the chair, sitting down, looked back at 2018.

There is a lot to discuss. For good habit of Sven again for a whole year, just something to be carefully watched tv, and he would like his guests to share what him all has noticed. Maybe they can also surprise you with their insights.

Sven pulled also to the year itself what better. Under the motto: the better the years, how beautiful my annual review. This year, he received the help of new face Thomas Huyghe. Thomas examined trends, investigated, and followed a number of cases on the foot and pushed plenty of people well-known and a microphone under the nose to assess their year.

No Peace on earth without Peace on earth Awards. Every episode there are a number of winners along. Wanted Sven not the responsibility to bear to decide just who one award earned. For who is Sven to judge who the ‘Hero of the year’? Or the Couple of the year’? Or the ‘Coolest Dutchman in Belgium’? That judgement, he left to a new jury with only very strange ducks in the pond. Stand-upcomedian and tv-maker Bart Cannaerts, journalist Annemie Struyf, koerskenner José De Cauwer, professor Rik Torfs, psychologist Stephanie Coorevits, rapper and actor Saïd Boumazoughe, and tv-presenter, Cath Luyten were a weekend locked up in a chalet in the Ardennes. They could only go home when they for all categories, a winner had been chosen. To make that stay as pleasant as possible, called Sven the gourmet assistance from the Icelandic chef Paper Ros Asmundsdottir. And just as last year, if the Flemish parliament speaker Jan Peumans, not missing to the debates in the right direction.

Peace on earth: from december 23 from Sunday to Thursday; Sunday around 22.10 hours and through the week around 21.30 hours on One.

View Peace on earth on One, or wherever you are via or Proximus TV app. Click here to download the program. On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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