Initiator ‘yellow vests’ arrested in Paris

83f047cd41ed03da2f02a4172a027001 - Initiator ‘yellow vests’ arrested in Paris

At manifestations of the ‘yellow vests’ Saturday in Paris have been 65 people arrested. Four are behind bars, under whom Eric Drouet, one of the initiators of the citizens ‘ movement. That is learned from the prefecture.

The 33-year-old Drouet, a truck driver, was Saturday afternoon taken up. In mid-October he called on his Facebook page for “a national blockade against the increase of fuel prices”. His call was quickly followed by tens of thousands of people, and protest all over France against the rising cost of living.

In comparison with the past few weeks is the protest severely weakened, with Saturday only small, disorderly manifestations in Paris. At a toll station on the French-Spanish border on Saturday, a few hundreds of ‘yellow vests’, but they were by the ordetroepen with tear gas dislodged.

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