Evy Gruyaert made a serious fall

3679faff04505ce5a56c6091579805f0 - Evy Gruyaert made a serious fall

Evy Gruyaert talk in The Morning about her passion for yoga. That was almost ten years ago, after a fall in the parking lot of the VRT. “My knee was out of the bowl and I needed surgery. For six weeks I could not move and I was confronting for someone that had been in so many sports when especially running – was working”, sounds. “In that period I was terrible in my sheet. A friend suggested to come along to the hangmatyoga to go and I was immediately sold. I am with a smile on my face again to go home.” Initially got Evy on her yoga mat to the touch with her body that she was kwijtgespeeld to rebuild, but soon she found that her brain be useful in the exercises. “I’m kind of a puzzle-head,” she says. “It was a moment for myself even for that notorious notion of me-time-comers.”

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