End of U.s. shutdown is still not in sight

9f1d14a29306734b63b2a1bc859c1e4a - End of U.s. shutdown is still not in sight

In the US there will be no quick end to the partial shutdown of the government. In the negotiations over a budget law was Saturday afternoon, local time, no agreement was reached. In government circles it is hoped that the stalemate only a few days will last. May also be longer, but it is prepared, what it sounds like.

Since Friday night is the budget for parts of the American government is locked, because there is no agreement is found regarding a new budget law for the various federal ministries. The result is that hundreds of thousands of civil servants forced to leave, should, or temporarily without pay to work. Some departments or other public institutions have their doors close. Reason for the escalation is the dispute over the financing of the limes wall with Mexico.

The American president Donald Trump refuses to accept the budget law to sign, if he is not a $ 5 billion gets to his limes wall building, and border control to increase. In the Congress there is no majority for this.

Saturday repeated the government’s requirement for the 5 billion. The Democrats, however, remained obstinate in their statement that this is a waste of money from the taxpayer. Senaatsfractievoorzitter Chuck Schumer said on Saturday that if Trump by him, caused the shutdown wants to terminate, he of his idea around the limes wall, should get off. “We want effective border security, no wall’, stressed Schumer.

Even with an agreement, the cost of the formal procedure the necessary time. If the negotiators of the Congress and the White House find a compromise, the House of Representatives and the Senate are still discussing the budget law to decide, which Trump still need to sign.

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