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Eden Hazard and Nina Derwael voted Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year

567498146c9d3e057c983c3783dd18d3 - Eden Hazard and Nina Derwael voted Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year

On the Show, 2018, all prizes will be awarded. The trophy of Sportsman of the Year (nearly) to Eden Hazard. When the women enter the gymnast Nina Derwael in the footsteps of Nafi Thiam as Sportswoman of the Year. The title for best team goes to the Red Lions.

Hazard took the with 736 points just for marathon runner Koen Naert (717 pts). Skater (and skeeleraar) Bart Swings came third with 325 points. The captain of the Red Devils by 94 journalists in the first place put in their proxy voting. That was the deciding factor in the end result. Naert had to do with 79 first place.

Eden Hazard had a grand cru 2018, and crowned by a bronze medal with the Red Devils at the world cup in Russia. The star player of Chelsea showed at the world Cup his best see football and led the Devils to a historic victory against the top favourites Brazil. Clubs he delivered Chelsea in may’s FA Cup. Hazard was already several times Player of the Year in both France and England, but this is his first sportoverschrijdende trophy.

In characteristic fashion – with a laconic smile and dollend – welcome Eden Hazard the message that he was the 52nd male Athlete of the Year. ‘To whom I owe? To myself, of course. And yes, it’s a joke. I know that you are supposed to say, but it’s also true really: without my teammates and without the staff I can not do anything. We have the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, is a wonderful story written, that a whole country proud.’

Derwael wins easy

In the top three for the women are the same names as last year, but this time, it was the gymnast Nina Derwael of the Belgian sports of Journalists ( the highest stairs if. The eighteen-year-old Truiense got from the journalists 1.212 points, that there are 262 more than Nafi Thiam (950 pts). Fewer than 196 times was Derwael in the first place, compared with 55 first places for Thiam. The zevenkampster knew with a European title and three new personal records, however, also an excellent year, but that was not enough for a fourth triumph in the annual election.

Derwael sparkled recently at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Doha, with gold to the bridge with uneven shelves. They wrote as history by Belgium first gold medal ever to deliver a world cup gymnastics. Derwael and was the fourth all round and on the bar. The Limburg won earlier in the year even though European gold on the bridge and silver on the beam.

That performance earned her in addition to the Flemish Giant the Flemish Sportjuweel, the National Trophy for Sportverdienste and the Flemish Giant. Derwael is the first gymnast on the roll of honour of Sportswoman of the Year. .

Voting re-opened for Red Lions

In the ploegencategorie were the Belgian hockeymannen in the Docks Home Event Hall in Brussels, were named Team of the Year. The newly crowned world champions blow the competition away.

After their historic world title in the mannenhockey of last week in the Indian Bhubaneswar were the Red Lions added to the shortlist for Team of the Year. With 561 points names they finally raft the size of their voetbalcollega. The Red Devils, who last summer also sports history wrote by bronze to conquer at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia, beaches with 329 points on the second place. The Belgian basketbalvrouwen, fourth on their very first world CHAMPIONSHIPS, finished in third place (188 pts).

The vote for Team of the Year was – like all other eindejaarsverkiezingen – closed on Wednesday 5 december. Performance after that date were delivered out according to the regulation are eligible for the trophies the year after. Given the unique performance of the hockeymannen wanted to be admitted to make an exception for the trophy Team of the Year. From Monday to Wednesday night gave the voters the chance to re-vote for that category.

The Red Lions to win the trophy for the second time, they did that already in 2016. When fingering the Belgian hockeymannen just next to the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio. That image of eternal second was the Belgian field hockey team this month in India finally end.

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