Unrelenting Knockouts to determine the eight finalists of The Voice Senior

3fc187bacc0f7f0f562fdb18ba573cf7 - Unrelenting Knockouts to determine the eight finalists of The Voice Senior

“The Knockouts are cruel, because before I even get my team members very well know, I have half of them had already let go. They have only a minute and a half to prove himself and that’s it“. Dana Winner know what is at stake in the Knockouts of The Voice Senior. That brand-new round follows the Blind Auditions and decide who places for the finals on Friday, december 28.

In the Knockouts to the talents with only one self-chosen number to their coach to convince them as a finalist. The first two talents of each team after their individual action take place in the two red finalezetels. Safe they sit there not, however, because they are able to after any number of the following two candidates, again those chairs gewipt. Eventually, eight finalists, two per team, play in the grand finale on Friday, december 28. But contest or not, the vibe is a moustache with the seniors. With their golden oldies , they provide a warm, nostalgic start of the christmas holidays.

Team Helmut may Friday rush yards. The temperature in the studio is immediately aware of native with I Just want To Make Love To You. Rita (65, Herzele) so again, for a number of Etta James. “Rita can be incredibly hurtful with her voice and this song is perfect for,” explains her coach the dialing. It remains hitsig in the studio with You Can Leave Your Head On Joe Cocker, brought to you by ex-professional footballer, James, 61, Oostakker). Martine (60, Hofstade) is moving in the Blind Auditions with Les Yeux De Ma Mère by Arno. Friday she goes again for a French chanson with Mon Mec à Moi Patricia Kaas. The 64-year-old Harry (Mechelen) seizes his moment with the appropriate This Is The Moment René Froger. He does that partly in Dutch, “so the message is still better to be able to come”.

Afterwards, the team of Dana to beat in the Knockouts. Lou (62, Kapellen) imitates most of all Joe Cocker, but look for his number this time outside his comfort zone. He employs his years of experience as a producer to deal with its own jazzy arrangement of Roxanne by The Police. Mariette (78, Leopoldsburg) choose Where Are All the Flowers Yet? Conny Vandenbos again for an emotionally charged song, this time about the Second world War. “For me, running music to emo, and Mariette touches me time and time again,” says a proud coach. Willy (67, Koekelare) feels naked without his guitar on stage. He takes this time for the feelgoodsong On The Wings of A Nightingale Everly Brothers. Michels (63, Gosselies) the high notes were all the coaches delight during the Blind Auditions. Friday he goes again to the height, with a French version of Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers.

Maurice (63, Essen) is the first team Walter that his chance of going for a final. He swings powerfully with Dreamlover by Bobby Darin. Alain (66), from Brussels to the heart and kidneys, may not be also during The Knockouts a number in his popular dialect. This time he crosses Walking Blues by Robert Johnson in a contagious Brussels jacket. John Leo (66, Yellow), who has a preference for Dutch-language songs, sings Friday, Help Yourself by Tom Jones. And that brings the necessary nerves. He may, in his otherwise rock-solid voice control? Who dares to say that the seniors old stiff knarren, to the contrary, proven by Karel (60, Aalst, belgium). Full of devotion and with tons of energy, he sings the oorwurm Hook Line and Sinker by Smiley Lewis.

Team Natalia closes Friday. John (67, Aalst, belgium) hopes his coach to score with the hit single Still Got The Blues by Gary Moore, happens to be one of the lievelingsnummers of Natalia. “It should be there so boenk at,” she says. The 66-year-old François (Winch) did in the Blind Auditions “a Sinatrake”. He throws it this time on a different bow with Jennifer Jennings by Louis Neefs. Viviane (Ghent) with its 78 years, one of the oldest candidates, but the energy is missing her anymore. No édith puts Piaf this time for her, however, a number of other French hero: For me Formidable by Charles Aznavour. The spicy local horse Miet (61) let finally her rockstem apply to Maria by Blondie. She is ambitious: “The roof off”.

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