Trump is on a collision course with Senate over limes wall, ‘shutdown’ threatens

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The American president Donald Trump said Friday night that the possibility is great that the Senate refuses to five billion dollars for the construction of his limes wall. There is thus again a shutdown, a temporary shutdown of the U.s. government, and that just around the holidays.

Trump wants to be in the last days of 2018 a miljardendeal for his limes wall rondkrijgen, so that he in 2019 concrete steps can be put in the direction of the realization of one of his main election promises. But both Democratic as Republican senators have refused the money on the bridge.

“The shutdown is now in the hands of the Democrats,” wrote Trump on Friday on Twitter. He is back on his earlier statement that he is ‘proud’ his government would close as he would the security of the border can improve.

‘Voting with the Democrats against this agreement, then provide them for a shutdown, which very long will take’, tweette Trump. The American president, cancelled the prompt also a weekend trip to his country-house, Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

The Democrats tossed the ball back. ‘President Trump, you yourself have said behind a shutdown, ” said majority leader Chuck Schumer Friday during a session of the Senate. “Step off of the idea of the shutdown. You get the limes wall, not yet. Not today, not next week, not in January, when the Democrats power in the House to take over.’

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The senators hope it’s a shutdown to avert a temporary budget to adopt in which even more money is freed up for border security than was promised, however, without 5 billion on the table to the wall. Earlier this week, the Senate approved already had a provisional budget to such a shutdown off, but Trump denies that agree to accept.

Does the American president, guns, the government on Saturday partially close. Therein lies a whole new danger for the businessman-president. To do this, turned the U.s. economy as a tierelier. But through the turmoil about the impending ‘shutdown’ dropped the Dow Jones Thursday to its lowest point this year.

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