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Tom Lee will not take Bitcoin price predictions and more

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Tom Lee will not take Bitcoin price predictions and more

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Marcus Misiak –

For his Bitcoin price prediction became famous as Tom Lee, a leading Fund-Analyst has recently announced on Bloomberg that he will make from now on, no predictions are more for future Bitcoin prices. After his last before gescheittert say is always clear, seems to be Lee to have now recognized that the crypto market is too unpredictable to make Price predictions.

Tom Lee was always set to positive, compared with a rising Bitcoin price. No matter how much BTC is like or how bad it is in the last year, Lee was always in the Background, and enthusiasts and die-hard Fans can rest assured that your favorite crypto-currency would at some point again in the all-time highs.

A picture of Tom Lee’s price forecast for this calendar year shows why the crypto-currency-has decided to COP now, to dispense with the forecast of future prices. At the beginning of the year, as the Bitcoin in the level shot, predicted Lee a Bitcoin price at year-end of $ 25,000 or more with the half of the price of 20.000 USD. As a Bitcoin fell in early November to a dismal Low of $ 5,500 in remained Lee at 15,000 USD, and predicted a massive Bullrun the end of 2018.

Lee also presented a “Fair-Value”range of 13,800 to 14,800 US dollars, as Bitcoin in the past week, at 3,300 US dollars. The editorial beginning of the BTC rate is US $ 4,000, after a few days with gains. Now that 2019 is only a few days, and Bitcoin is far from being in the vicinity of $ 15,000, but seems to also be the last forecast of Lee failed. Lee and found and declared, therefore, there occurred now to their customer, originally on may 13. December 2018 E-Mail:

We are tired of people ask us what the target rates. Due to the inherent volatility of crypto, we will not specify a time window for the realisation of the fair value.

A week later the message was made available to the Public. To be fair to Lee, he is not the only one who has wanted to 2018 great things for Bitcoin. Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital, for example, spent the most part of the year in order, to predict that Bitcoin in 2018 and would end up with rich $ 40,000 – twice as much as in December of last year.

Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX – made one of the boldest forecasts for 2018 and claimed that the currency would end the year at $ 50,000. In the meantime, he has pulled his statement back, and seems to suggest that he has practically pulled a number out of Nothing:

I was bullish, and I chose a nice round number with psychological meaning. In hindsight, we are obviously in a bear market.

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