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’t Is done: this is the winner of ‘The Smartest Man in the World’

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’t Is done: the winner of the sixteenth season of ‘The Smartest Man in the World’ is known. MNM-voice Peter Van de Veire (47) knew the victory in the prize.

During the final had Peter Van de Veire up against two very strong candidates: VTM-journalist Julie Colpaert and Michèle Cuvelier of Studio Brussels.

Although the first record of a whopping twelve episodes, it managed to get, she had still beaten by Peter Van de Veire. So again, a man himself ” The Smartest Man in the World’. The game was only won twice by a woman.

His victory owes Of the Veire, among others, to his wife, his daughters, his mother and his history teacher with the nickname “Cannon”.

‘In the last question about Henry the Eighth I thought for one second: Dear Erik, I know now really is the balls of. But suddenly it came back: the king of England with his wives and beheadings. I think my history teacher at the College in Eeklo me unconsciously has helped. Hubert Steenbeke was his name. Nickname: Cannon. That teacher was incredibly visual to tell.’

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