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Stille Linde was the silence quickly grew tired of

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Presenter of The Warmest Week this year. The place is silent Linde Merckpoel a week long to raise money for charity.

In the Sint-Machariuskerk in Ghent organises all kinds of activities in which the participants a small contribution, and no word can say. But that silence in the beginning, was anything but easy.

On day two I was already KOTSBEU’, writes Merckpoel on a notebook. ‘Now it’s going better and I start to get used to. You have to let go of that you sometimes just not explained. Perhaps even more difficult are the responses of people. They look at me pityingly, and treat me differently. They help me to cross and things to wear like I was NOTHING more can. And I feel different already as soon patronized. I miss the fun of talking.’

And in that silence comes that they have the ambience of the “domein Puyenbroeck” in Wachtebeke should miss, where hundreds of supporters of the three presenters, a heart under the belt to come and put their contribution for the good cause. “In the beginning I found that very very. Music for Life present is one of the most beautiful things that I ever could do. But this silent bubble makes it easy to get away from it.’

Sunday follows the redemption: then she goes after a silent march of 20 kilometres of hair collected pennies hand over to the presenters in Wachtebeke, where she held her first words in a whole week will say.

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