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Showtime in the Lotto Arena Antwerp Giants demonstrates against Liege

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Showtime in the Lotto Arena. Telenet Giants Antwerp shone, and picked up against a weak Hatch with an impressive demonstration. With more than 17 bombs went to a destructive 109-60 victory. With 6 on 9 leaves the selection of coach Roel Moors, with two games on the program, firmly in the top three. The second day of christmas and so Wednesday, december 26, works Telenet Giants royal Antwerp in the last match of 2018. The Inhabitants travel to Leuven, where in the Sportoase the Bears of coach Eddy Casteels wait.

“The roster of Liège was indeed tight. That remains in the first instance, to pay attention, but we showed respect and were able to finish the job collectively done. On the one hand, I am satisfied that I have some players after a busy schedule in some rest and on the other hand, I’m happy with the comeback of Thomas Akyazili.

“After one team this was the ideal match to get into the right rhythm. I feel good and hopefully I can after all the hard work injury free remain and the team,” added Thomas Akyazili. Ismael Bako beamed: “It was nice to have, especially for our young guests to shine. Everyone had fun tonight,” beamed Ismael Bako.

Telenet Giants laid against an incomplete Hatch, without Deontae Hawkins (knee) and Terry Deroover (head) already in the first quarter of the basis of the profit. Paris Lee dropped bombs, Ismael Bako dunkte and Jae’Sean Tate swung himself successfully to the basket. Hatch was no more than a toy, and of 12-0, went to 27-12 after the first quarter. Already in the second quarter of the used coach Roel Moors all players. With also triples of Dennis Donkor went after 40-17 to a 52-21 half-way.

In the second half dropped Paris Lee new bombs, grabbed Hans Vanwijn with an alley-oop off and on it went, with a dunkende Jae’Sean Tate, 72-27 and 86-40. In the slotkwart scored Terrance Henry and Milos Bojovic for Liege. A remonte, however, was not addressed. After 88-40 scored Yoeri Blades (11 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists), the century (102-56) and stoomden the Giants going to a memorable victory.

Telenet Giants Antwerp-Liège 109-60

Telenet Giants Antwerp: Akyazili 6, Lee 15, Tate 13, Van Den Eynde 4, Vanwijn 8, Sanders 10, Bleijenbergh 4, Vanes 11, Bako 14, Dudzinski 10, Kalinoski 0, Donkor 14

Liège: Henry 11, Van Landschoot 7, El Khounchar 5, Nzizbaria 2, Lhoest 2, Bojovic 12, Lemaire 9, Burgess12

Quartz: 27-10, 25-11, 34-19, 23-20

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